NCIS Hawaii schedule shake-up leaves star ‘freaking out’ over special two-parter

NCIS HAWAII will be leaving its Monday night slot for the first time this series on CBS, and one of the show’s stars has exclusively revealed what to expect.

NCIS Hawaii is the third NCIS spin-off to come from the original drama and it has gone down a storm with fans. The CBS police procedural premiered in late 2021 and continues to grip viewers each and every week. However, fans must be made aware that there is going to be a slight change of plan for episode 12.

NCIS Hawaii made its big debut on Monday, September 20, 2021, and has been linked with NCIS from the very beginning.

For the past 18 years, NCIS has aired on Tuesdays but in a bid to get fans accustomed to a new show in the franchise, its timeslot moved to Mondays so it could air just before NCIS Hawaii.

Up until now, this has remained the pattern with any delays in episodes also coinciding.

However, this will not be the case this time around as NCIS Hawaii will have a new instalment on Sunday, January 23, on CBS.

There is a schedule shake-up for NCIS Hawaii this week. (Image: CBS)

NCIS Hawaii: Lucy and Whistler broke up at the end of episode 11. (Image: CBS)

NCIS Hawaii: Ernie Malik is played by actor Jason Antoon. (Image: CBS)

This is because the series will be making room for the show to be able to air over two consecutive nights.

Going by actor Kian Talan who portrays Alex Tennant in NCIS Hawaii, it’s going to be a gripping watch.

Speaking exclusively to, Talan said: “We have two new episodes coming out on Sunday and Monday, it’s like a part one and part two.

“It’s the first time we’re ever doing a new episode on a Sunday.

“I’ll tell you, when I read episodes 12 and 13, the entire time I was freaking out – it was so good.”

Statistics from the NCIS franchise. (Image: CBS/EXPRESS)

The episodes in question are going to be called Spies Part One and Spies Part Two.

A synopsis has also since been released to tease fans about what will happen in this special.

The description reads: “When NCIS investigates the mysterious death of a Navy engineer, Joseph Chan, they learn the last person he met with was his colleague, Maggie Shaw (Julie White), Jane’s mentor and friend, who’s been kidnapped.

“Also, David Sola, a New Zealand intelligence service case officer arrives in Hawai’i, following a lead in his case that connects Joseph’s death to a Chinese black op secret agent.”

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