‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Is ‘Thankful for the Men’ in His Life Who Taught Him How To Build Things

Lucas Black turned his home renovation project into a teachable moment for his kids. He spent the weekend teaching his children the importance of self-sufficiency and hard work.

Black built a set of shelves for his garage, but the project was a lot more than simple storage. This was as much about building character as it was building anything else. He wanted to give his kids the same lesson his dad and several other men in his life gave him. He wanted them to know how to use tools and create things for themselves.

Lucas Black documented the process on Instagram and showed off the final result.

“Garage shelving project,” he wrote. “Thankful for the men in my life who taught me how to build things. My dad, uncle, brother, and stepdad have given me their knowledge and tricks about building. This was not only a project to be more organized and have more storage, but to involve the kids and teach them some skills on how to use tools like a tape measure, level, drill, circular saw, sander, and paintbrush. The kids were eager to help and kept things interesting. Although, they may have made things go slower and a little messier it is all worth the lessons learned and the character traits built. And hey fellas, do you want to impress your wife and get a few extra kisses from the missus, then learn to be handy around the house. It is a manly quality that will not go unnoticed.”


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Lucas Black Left ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ To Be With His Family

Family is the most important thing to Lucas Black. It’s why he said he walked away from a successful television show.

Black starred on NCIS: New Orleans for six seasons as Christopher LaSalle until his character’s death, much to the chagrin of fans. But Black wasn’t fired and there was no behind-the-scenes drama that led to his exit, he said. He worried he was away from home too long during filming. He didn’t want to risk the health of his marriage or miss spending time with his kids for the series.

“All throughout my career, there was a concern because I would observe how the entertainment industry would destroy families. … It was time, it was time for me to leave,” Black said. “You can’t keep going at that pace and have a healthy marriage. It’s not sustainable.”

Since leaving the series behind, Lucas Black has kept to his word and is spending more time with his wife and three kids. He’s documented their vacations and excursions into the wilderness and hunting trips with his son.

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