‘NCIS’ Fans Remember Their Favorite ‘Music Moments’ From the Show So Far

“NCIS” has featured many a great music moment over the years. Fans recently got together on Reddit to discuss their favorite songs on the show so far, and the choices are endless.

The question posed at the beginning of the thread asked fellow fans what their favorite music moments from the show were. The original poster provided their choices: “Friction” by Imagine Dragons, and “Kangaroo Cry” by Blue October. “Kangaroo Cry” was featured on the season 7 episode “Faith,” while “Friction” was on the season 12 episode “The Lost Boys.” It played leading up the the explosion that k*****d Ned Dorneget.

A few fans agreed with “Friction” being a favorite; they mentioned that it fit well with the dramatic moment in the episode. Another fan wrote that “Keep Me In Your Heart” by Warren Zevon worked well for Gibbs’ father’s funeral. Jackson Gibbs d****d in the season 11 finale, “Honor Thy Father,” coinciding with Ralph Waite’s actual death in February 2014.

Additionally, “Not Alone” by Patty Griffin played when Ziva went back to Israel for her father’s funeral. One fan wrote that that scene “gets me every time.” Another fan mentioned Abby’s lab music; there are a few compilation playlists on Spotify of music featured in her lab. Abby’s favorite bands include The Newlydeads, Collide, Solamingus, and Android Lust.

Overall, “NCIS” has made some great music choices for its episodes. It featured Dashboard Confessional, John Mellencamp, Oasis, Bob Dylan, and Sheryl Crow, among many, many others.
‘NCIS: Hawai’i’ Links the New Show to Gibbs

“NCIS” flagship fans got a little special mention in the recent “NCIS: Hawai’i.” There was a Gibbs mention in the episode that brought the shows full circle.

The episode showed a flashback from 11 years ago, when Jane Tennant was just starting out as an agent. The episode, titled “Spies, Pt. 2,” had to do with former CIA operative Maggie Shaw, Jane’s old mentor. The team had to figure out if she was really aiding a Chinese spy while in Hawai’i.

But, the flashback is where things start to come together. At one point, Maggie gives Jane a business card with the name L. Jethro Gibbs on the front. Maggie tells Jane about an NCIS agent with a “Marine haircut” who Jane impressed. We all know who that is. When Jane asks how Maggie knows she impressed him, Maggie replies, “Because he tried to steal you from me. He asked me to give you this.” And she hands over the business card.

On the back of the card reads, “Rule 72: Always be open to new ideas.” This shows us that Gibbs is still with us, even now that he’s relaxing and fly fishing to his heart’s content in Alaska. It’s almost like a message to fans: be open to this new team, we know you’ll love them.

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