WATCH: ‘NCIS’ Shows Jimmy Palmer Getting Through to Torres in Clip From Latest Episode

Last night’s episode of NCIS was an intense one for Torres. Thankfully, he had his friends to support him through it. The episode saw the team investigate an underground cage fighting ring. But when Torres went undercover, he got a bit overemotional and almost got himself seriously hurt.

In a clip posted by NCIS‘s Instagram account, Palmer talks to Torres about his anger and really tries to get through to him about what happened at the fight.

“If anyone can get through to Torres, it’s Jimmy,” the NCIS account wrote.

In the video, Palmer says “Are you ready to talk yet? About why you’re so angry?”

Torres doesn’t have a good rebuttal. In fact, he’s defensive. But Palmer really gets it.

“You feel abandoned, you feel left behind. Trust me, I do get that,” he said. He even admits he had a lot of anger after his wife died. And in opening up to Torres and admitting difficult parts about himself, Torres is able to really hear Palmer.

“Sometimes people leave. Even fathers. And it’s got nothing to do with you,” Palmer says. Palmer also tells him he needs to allow himself the possibility of getting hurt again if he wants to heal.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, but everyone has to learn it. Even those on NCIS. And luckily, Palmer is there with the support he needs to get through this. Hopefully, he’ll be able to work through his anger in healthier ways.

NCIS actor Wilmer Valderrama said he was proud of his work on this episode before it was released, and he definitely delivered.
‘NCIS’ Won’t Return until February

Unfortunately, NCIS won’t return until sometime in February. Late February. Most shows are going on a Hiatus right now for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, which means that we won’t get any more of the team until after the closing ceremony. NCIS is no exception, as it’s really hard to compete with Olympic Programming.

We don’t know much about what the NCIS episode is going to be about and don’t even have an official return date yet. But we do know that the episode has been written by none other than Palmer actor Brian Dietzen.

We also know that Meredith Eaton will make a return to NCIS and reprise her role as Carol Wilson. Carol was one of Abby Scuito’s closest friends. She’s also a CDC researcher. But other than that, we have no idea why she’s making an appearance on the show. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty exciting.

If you’re going to miss NCIS during its hiatus, you aren’t alone. But you can always do a re-watch of your favorite episodes. The entire series is available on Paramount +

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