‘NCIS’ Fans Are Begging for Michael Weatherly To Return After ‘Bull’ Cancelation

Where’s Tony DiNozzo when you need him? Over the past nearly two decades of “NCIS,” the show has seen plenty of original cast members stick around, but new faces have also come and gone. The most recent loss to the franchise was Mark Harmon’s Gibbs character.

Recently, Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on the show, announced his CBS show “Bull” was being canceled. When he left the show during season 13, not long after he got the lead role in his own CBS program. “Bull” lasted for six seasons before recently getting canceled.
Could DiNozzo Come Back to ‘NCIS?’

Now, fans of “NCIS” are hoping that this could mean Weatherly suddenly has an open schedule. An open schedule could mean that he could appear once again on “NCIS.” Although “Bull” fans were bummed, “NCIS” fans felt a spark of hope after a somewhat sad current season of the show.

Not only do fans want DiNozzo back, but they want him to bring back his romantic partner on the show, Ziva. “Perfect come back to NCIS and take over the team! Bring Ziva!” wrote one person on Twitter. Someone else also said, “So does this open up for you to go save NCIS from dying off into the sunset that it’s heading to.”

Since Gibbs has been gone, Gary Cole has taken over as the leader of the team. Although Agent Alden Parker is certainly growing on fans, others are wishing for Weatherly to lead the team instead.

“Time to replace Gibbs? This is only acceptable if it means you’re gonna go back to @NCIS_CBS,” wrote another person. The odds of DiNozzo appearing full-time feel rather slim. There would need to be a lot of adaptations to the storyline for that to happen. As a guest star, however, that would certainly make fans’ dreams come true and would be pretty manageable for writers.
Picking Up Where DiNozzo Left Off

You may remember that DiNozzo left to avenge Ziva after she was k****d. After that, he decided to leave the team and instead focus on raising his daughter. He also later learned that Ziva did not d**** in the a*****k.

Has the conclusion of “Bull” caused the writers to work overtime to figure out how to get Weatherly back on the show? If they have, Weatherly has said in the past he would be open to returning.

“[DiNozzo] will live on in the hearts and minds of the viewers and is embedded in the show. I would absolutely be open to anything and everything including things that no one’s even thought of yet,” he said in a statement, according to Newsweek, when he left the show.

There are some upset fans that have vowed to stop watching since Gibbs left. Bringing back DiNozzo could potentially draw in some viewers that have grown disinterested in the program recently. He’s not Gibbs, but he was his right-hand man after all.

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