‘NCIS’ Fans Reveal the Funniest Quotes From the Show’s Two Decades

“NCIS” has remained a staple series on CBS for nearly two decades. And while its tenacity for drama and suspense has contributed to the ultimate success of the show, fans have grown to love the unexpected one-liners and subtle digs that lighten the mood during the most intense situations. Now amid season 19, “NCIS” fans have taken to social media to share the funniest quotes from the series’ history.

Over on Reddit, one fan kicked off the discussion. They highlighted one off-the-wall quote from “NCIS” past which goes, “Why are you touching dead naked people?”

They wrote, “Bonus points to who knows what episode that is from and why it was said.”

Others immediately responded with a host of some of the best “NCIS” quotes to make series history.

One Reddit user kicked off the discussion, undoubtedly highlighting one of the most savage “Ducky” moments of “NCIS.”

During a season 10 episode, we find Dr. Mallard down in autopsy when the team accompanies Mossad agent Ilan Bodnar down to the medical examiner’s lab. Upon arrival, Bodnar makes a rude comment to Ducky, stating, “And who’s grandfather would you be?”

In quick-witted Ducky fashion, he responds, “Well that depends. Who’s your grandmother?”

As I said, “Savage,” the Reddit user concluded.
The Best of Ziva and Tony

Others took it back to a beloved Ziva and Tony moment during season nine, episode 14. The pair of “NCIS” agents are snooping around Agent McGee’s desk when Ziva sees McGee get off the elevator.

The “NCIS” fan wrote, “[F]or some reason in 9×14 when tony is going through mcgee’s desk and ziva warns him with the code word ‘albatross! ALBATROSS!!!’ i cannot stop laughing. [I]t gets me every time.”

What likely contributes to the humor in that particular scene comes from the fact that Ziva, with her Israeli origins, frequently confuses American terms and figures of speech.

That said, “NCIS” fans shared a host of other memorably comical moments. So be sure to check out the rest of the thread.
Will Michael Weatherly Return to ‘NCIS’?

Speaking of very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, “NCIS” fans have been dying for the character‘s return almost immediately following his departure during season 13. However, to the heartbreak of many, we saw the character’s actor, Michael Weatherly, instead spearhead his own CBS series, “Bull.”

During its six seasons, “Bull” did remarkably well. However, the series has recently seen cancelation and, now more than ever, “NCIS” fans are hoping to see the beloved character return to the squad room.

That said, though, what made DiNozzo such a beloved character was his long romantic development with Special Agent Ziva David in addition to his partnership with “NCIS” alum, Mark Harmon, iconic for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

So, while “NCIS” fans would definitely love to see DiNozzo return, it likely wouldn’t have the same effect without either of these characters by his side.

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