NCIS Hawaii star had ‘panic attack’ first day on set ‘It was very overwhelming’

NCIS Hawaii has gone down a storm with fans but the early days of shooting the CBS drama wasn’t easy for everyone for set.

NCIS Hawaii is the latest spin-off to come from the internationally successful franchise on CBS. Agent Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey) is the first female lead in the NCIS universe, balancing life as a single mum with the pressures of work. But the first day on set wasn’t the easiest for one of Lachey’s co-stars.

Jane Tennant is the mum of teenager Alex (Kian Talan) and younger daughter Julie (Mahina Anne Marie Napoleon).

While Julie is often seen just getting on with her days, Alex is struggling to cope with their new life.

Jane is busier than ever at NCIS and with his dad now starting a family with someone else, Alex doesn’t know where he fits in, lashing out at his parents in frustration.

As Alex tries to adjust to this new lifestyle, actor Talan also had to get to grips with his new surroundings.

NCIS Hawaii star was ‘overwhelmed’ on first day on set. (Image: CBS)

Prior to joining the cast of NCIS Hawaii, Alex actor Talan had only been in a number of shorts, according to his IMDB page.

So when he got the role in the police procedural, Talan soon realised this would be his biggest role to date and with NCIS being a worldwide hit, he felt the pressure.

Speaking exclusively to about his experiences, Talan said: “We met at a table read over Zoom while I was living in New York before I flew out to Hawaii, that was my first time meeting everyone.

“And then, I’m going to be honest, my first day on set was amazing but also so stressful for me.”

NCIS Hawaii: Agent Jane Tennant had to arrest her friend and mentor Maggie. (Image: CBS)
NCIS Hawaii will return on Monday, February 28, 2022. (Image: CBS)

Talan continued: “It was very overwhelming and maybe had a slight panic attack but we got through it.

“Honestly, I had to step out a couple of times and take a breathe and just do my job and centre myself.

“The show, there is a lot going into it, there are 200 people around you, doing their jobs and then you have to do your job and you’re like ‘oh my God am I doing my job right?’

“You question a lot about yourself and your talent.

“But I’m so grateful for everyone [at NCIS Hawaii], especially now, we’re like one big family.”

Last week was a first for NCIS Hawaii as it had a two-parter which was shown over two consecutive days.

Spies Part One and Two saw Jane question her mentor and friend Maggie Shaw (Julie White) after she started showing signs she could be working as a double agent for the Chinese Government.

By the end of the second part, it was revealed she had betrayed them as her son Bow, who Maggie thought was dead for several years, was the one who got her involved when he came back into her life.

Maggie felt guilt and tried to explain the situation in a letter to Jane but she refused to read it.

NCIS Hawaii will not be returning for episode 14 for quite some time unfortunately.

There will be schedule-shake up throughout February because of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

So fans are going to have to wait until Monday, February 28, for the next episode.

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