‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Avoids Eating Vegetables at All Costs

According to Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck, not eating your greens is the secret to longevity.

The actor is proof of that theory because at 77 years old, the actor is “the picture of health”—despite the fact that he refuses to choke down a single vegetable.

And as he shared on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Thursday, he’s never been a fan of the green stuff.

The topic came to light when Kelly Ripa brought up the Blue Bloods dinner scenes and Selleck pointed out that his plate is always “really beige.”

“I don’t like vegetables,” he said.

In fact, sports announcer Al Martin is his “idol” because he takes his hatred for produce to a whole new level. If Martin eats at a restaurant and the chef so much as places a vegetable on his plate, Martin will send it back.

The Magnum, P.I. actor said that Martin thinks the healthy juices “taint” his food, and he can’t stand vegetable flavored steak. So the standard broccoli side must stay far away from anything he plans on eating.

The whole situation confused Ripa, who is actually a health and fitness guru herself. She was surprised at just how healthy both Selleck and Martin look without their necessary nutrients.

“That’s the key,” Tom Selleck told Ripa. “The secret to health is don’t eat your vegetables and hot fudge.”

The actor didn’t explain why fudge is bad for our health, but we’ll take his word for it. And if you take a long look at his youthful glow, you’ll understand why.
‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck on the Value of Family Disagreements

Obviously, Selleck loves the fact that the Reagans sit down and bond every Sunday night. And he’s not just fond of the good times, he also values the bad. But in particular, he appreciates

the arguments.

And he explained why during an interview with Parade earlier this year. In his opinion, disagreements can help people grow as individuals and help relationships.

“The complications of family are endless,” he said. ” In a family where so many are tied to the business, even Frank’s father has his own opinions. What is most important in family dinner is it’s not ‘Kumbaya’; it’s the disagreements.”

The sometimes uncomfortable or tense moments are even more valid in current times because of society’s polarized politics. And Blue Bloods helps bring that to light by keeping the overall messages politically neutral while giving the characters varying beliefs.

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