One Comedian You Might Not Have Recognized Appeared on ‘NCIS’

Let’s go all the way back to the first season of NCIS. Maybe you remember when a young comedian played a very serious doctor.

When he landed the NCIS role, Jim Rash was already making a living as an actor. But he was still years away from Community and the role of Dean Craig Pelton, which would define his career. The episode’s title was “Left for D3ad,” and it aired 18 years ago this month. The plot was very creepy, like something out of a horror film.

Let’s look at IMDB for more information on the NCIS plot: “A young lady emerges from a shallow makeshift grave in Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC; although amnesic, she says there’s no time, there’s a bomb aboard a Naval vessel, and people will d1e.” A passing motorist assists her and calls 911; Metro PD responds and then contacts the NCIS. Gibbs and his team conduct an investigation. Kate befriends the v1ct1m and takes her into her pad, where she gradually regains some memories. Gibbs discovers a key, which Abby deduces, and then Gibbs and Tony discover a body. The ship in question is discovered to be ashore and inside a structure. The team learns the v1ct1m’s name, and she begins to recover more memories than she reveals. She eventually confronts the person responsible for her treatment and surprises him.”

Rash portrayed Dr. Joel Sanderson, who initially cared for Jane Doe (Sherilyn Fenn) at the hospital.

From the first season of NCIS, only one character remains.

The first season of NCIS was obviously memorable. It is now in its 19th season. It’s fun to look at the episode cast. Only one of them is still alive. Gibbs, the special agent in charge, was played by Mark Harmon. In October, he announced his departure from NCIS. Kate, a former secret service agent who joined NCIS, was played by Sasha Alexander. In the season two finale, “Twilight,” she d1ed. Tony DiNozzo was played by Michael Weather.

He finally left the show in an episode titled “Family First” in 2016. DiNozzo’s decision to leave NCIS to care for the daughter he fathered with Ziva was mentioned by the family. Abby was played by Pauley Perrette, who was a fan favorite. And, after nearly losing her life, Abby left NCIS in 2018.

Dr. Ducky Mallard is the only character from that episode who is still alive. Even Mallard is only a recurring character who appears on occasion. He was a part of the four-part story arc that led up to Gibbs’ departure. Ducky’s actor, David McCallum, is set to return for an episode this spring.

NCIS is taking a break while NBC broadcasts the Winter Olympics. The show will return in late February. And the upcoming episode should be a real treat. The episode was co-written by Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer. Meredith Eaton will reprise her role as Abby’s old friend Carol Wilson, who appeared in three previous episodes.

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