Is NCIS: Los Angeles canceled? Fans worried it’s final season after post

Rumors of NCIS: Los Angeles getting canceled have become more prevalent on social media due to the lack of new episodes.

It also didn’t help that star Eric Christian Olsen (he plays Deeks) made a social media post that hinted at it being the final season for NCIS: LA.

Recently, a double feature of Sunday night episodes was postponed due to NFL action, creating some chaos among fans about when the show might return.

At the moment, we are all still in a waiting pattern for when the next new episode of NCIS: LA will air on CBS this season.

NCIS: Los Angeles canceled? Examining comment from cast member

Celebrating that NCIS: LA was returning from a winter hiatus, Eric Christian Olsen posted a brief message on Instagram with a photo of his character looking really serious. The team traveled to Mexico to track down Kensi, leading to some dramatic moments.

“We about to get back into it,” read the message from Olsen.

The hashtags have drawn a lot of interest from NCIS: LA fans, though, because one of them reads “thefinalseason” and hints at the show coming to an end.

NCIS: LA fans react to post from Eric Christian Olsen

Many NCIS: Los Angeles fans are posting comments of dismay on Olsen’s post, and understandably so. CBS hasn’t made any announcements about NCIS: LA Season 13 being the final one for the show, and this would be the first real piece of news about the future of the show.

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Some fans expressed their sadness about NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14 not happening, while others simply shared their love for the show.

“Noooooo say it ain’t so!!” one fan posted.

“This can’t be the last season…. Please… No.. No.. No… It just can’t be. My husband and I faithfully watch and tape each episode. Oh my,” another fan wrote.

“Boooooo DO NOT CANCEL THIS,” wrote a third fan.
Eric Olsen Fan CommentsNCIS: LA fans are dismayed about the show possibly ending. Pic credit: @EricCOlsen/Instagram

Will NCIS: LA Season 14 happen?

It’s still early in the renewal and cancellation phase of the television season, and this means that there is still reason for NCIS: LA fans to have hope that Season 14 will get picked up soon.

At the same time, it’s starting to get worrisome that the show keeps getting episodes bumped due to football games and special events on Sunday nights that CBS puts in those primetime timeslots.

If NCIS: LA Season 13 does end up being the curtain call for the show, hopefully, the cast and crew are afforded enough time to wrap things up correctly. And that would necessitate bringing back Hetty Lange (played by Linda Hunt) for some important episodes this spring.

The possibility is also there for stars from the past to return to the NCIS: LA cast for an episode or two before the show is officially put out to pasture. Seeing Eric Beale and Nell Jones come through to help on an important case could serve as a great treat for fans who have stuck with the show all of these years.

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NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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