NCIS’ Fans Think This Character’s Interactions With Gibbs Are Just ‘Odd’

Over 18 seasons of “NCIS,” Gibbs has interacted with a lot of people; perps, fellow agents, love interests. But, there was one character who fans thought out Gibbs out of his element.

Season 7 introduced Margaret Allison Hart, a defense attorney with a thing for taking cases involving Gibbs. Essentially, she’s trying to get as close to Gibbs as she can, aiming to cause problems for the NCIS. But, she ends up in Gibb’s living room at one point, and the two argue. The romantic tension is so think between the two, and a relationship is hinted at in later episodes.

But, fans found their interactions very odd. No one really believed that Gibbs would deal so freely with an adversary, even go so far as get romantically involved. Fans took to Reddit to discuss how out of character this seemed for Gibbs.

In a Reddit thread discussing the lawyer, fans noted that she and Gibbs had good on-screen chemistry, but that her storyline was odd. She didn’t seem to fit in, not to mention that she was many years younger than Gibbs. Despite the chemistry, fans just didn’t like her very much. It probably had something with her calling Gibbs “Mr.” instead of “agent.”
‘NCIS’: Who Still Needs a Featured Episode?

McGee and Kasie have had spotlight episodes this season already, plus Alden Parker took over the team, so he’s always on the forefront of an episode. Torres had his day recently, with his fighting ring episode. It even featured Director Vance a bit, teaching Torres how to box safely; a great callback to a previous Vance-centered episode. But, the big question: who else needs a featured episode before season 19 ends?

How about Jessica Knight, who has let slip some details about her life, but not really a whole lot. We know she was estranged from her mother for a bit, and that she has a niece, which means a sibling. We know about her personality, that she’s caring and a little bit goofy. But we don’t know much more than that. I think she needs her own featured episode where we learn why she joined this team after the accident with her old team, and possibly more about her personal life.

Palmer, as well, hasn’t been in the spotlight in a hot minute. He definitely needs an episode dedicated to him, but what has he been going through recently? His wife d***, yes, but we shouldn’t focus on that for every episode about Palmer. Maybe something on the humorous side; we all know he needs it. And, he’s a funny guy, channeling Brian Dietzen. I’m sure Dietzen would love to do a comedic episode about Palmer. Maybe he’d even write it?

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