‘NCIS’: Would Tony DiNozzo Be Too Much for Modern Audiences?

For NCIS fans, a lot of them do miss seeing Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, on their screens. But would he be OK with modern fans?

Weatherly has been on Bull the past few seasons. Also, it’s not likely (but never say never) that he’d come back and make an appearance. Anyway, let’s take a look and see what might be some interesting insights about this with some help from ScreenRant.

It really is kind of hard to imagine that DiNozzo’s obnoxious temperament and cockiness would be part of an NCIS script. That is if the series had actually begun in 2020. Also, remember that there is a lot of push these days to respect people of different backgrounds, cultures, and creeds.

Yes, there still is a long way to go on that matter. Back in 2003, though, when the series started on CBS, the character’s attitude might have passed with audiences. But these days it is possible that Tony’s attitude would be seen as rather unacceptable.
‘NCIS’ Actor Will Have Time On His Hands Now That ‘Bull’ Is Off CBS

The DiNozzo actor will have time on his hands. Why? Bull will not be coming back to TV next season. NCIS itself has been through some changes this season, too. Obviously, the biggest one has to do with star Mark Harmon. He took his Gibbs character off the show.

Fans also probably hope he will make an appearance before this season ends. The show had been a Tuesday night staple for many seasons. Still, the show was moved to Monday nights and has been a lead-in for NCIS: Hawai’i starring Vanessa Lachey.

But had Harmon left NCIS in 2007, who knows if the show would have survived another season whatsoever; much less another 15 years.
Mark Harmon Almost Left Show In 2007: Here’s Why

Did you know that Harmon was having a bit of a tussle with OG showrunner Donald P. Bellisario? It’s true, according to reports at that time.

Their issues were about hours and deadlines connected with NCIS. CBS had to make a call: keep either Harmon or Bellisario. The network picked Harmon and fired Bellisario.

Harmon reportedly is like his Gibbs character. He is punctual, even-keeled, and disciplined. There was a lot of internal strife taking place on the set.

The showrunner was reportedly turning in scripts late and micro-managing the staff. That’s no good and just made for a “chaotic” workplace. Harmon said the long hours were just affecting his home and family life. He’s married to actress Pam Dawber. But he never did miss a day of work over the drama on the show.

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