‘NCIS’ Has Been Nominated for Three Emmys in 19 Seasons: Here’s Which Ones

Season 19 of “NCIS” has been historic for long-time fans as we said goodbye to the series’ anchor, Mark Harmon. Beloved as Leroy Jethro Gibbs, we were certain the actor’s leave from “NCIS” would prove detrimental to the franchise. However, the show remains afloat on CBS, pulling the most ratings on the network with 12.73 million viewers for 2020-2021.


However, despite being the number one drama in America, “NCIS” has only seen three Emmy nominations over its 19 seasons. And while we’d like to see more recognition from the hallmark award association for one of our favorite series, we do have details on three nominations it’s received previously.

Sadly, despite its popularity, The List states “NCIS” has never once been awarded the coveted television award.

However, the CBS series did see nominations for other highlight contributors. In 2005, “NCIS” guest star, Charles Durning, saw a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Longtime “NCIS” fans will recall Durning, a genuine WWII hero, played the character Ernest Yost in season two. The elderly character had confessed to murdering his best friend during the war.

Later, “NCIS” stunt actor Diamond Farnsworth saw Emmy nominations in 2008 and 2013. Farnsworth acted as Mark Harmon’s stunt double throughout the icon’s time on the series. In addition, he also served as stunt coordinator overall.
‘NCIS’ Continues to Highlight Gibbs Despite His Absence

While “NCIS” fans have slowly adapted to the absence of longtime series patriarch, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, it appears that, as the actor remains an executive producer for the series, showrunners aren’t ready to let the character’s legacy die just yet. After all, following 19 seasons, Gibbs became a foundational element of the agency and the show itself.

And most recently, writers spotlighted the beloved character in the most heartfelt way imaginable.

As fans learned early in the history of “NCIS,” Gibbs tragically lost his wife and 8-year-old daughter while deployed to the Middle East. Throughout its 19 seasons, we’re constantly reminded of the character’s loss, exploring the ways he’s learned to cope.

Prior to his daughter’s death, Gibbs had set up a college fund, intended to put Kelly through school when the time came.

Even after her death, a season 19 episode reveals that Gibbs never stopped contributing to those funds. And rather than donating to one single charity overall, the beloved agent instead chose to contribute to the children of “NCIS” agents and friends.

Two recent contributions found their way to both Special Agent McGee and Dr. Jimmy Palmer’s accounts, the two incredibly confused as to where the money came from.

In a touching explanation, Director Vance reveals the money came from Gibbs, in addition to explaining the how and why. 19 seasons later and thousands of miles away, the ever-watchful Gibbs has a close eye on his “kids” back at “NCIS.”

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