NCIS Could Give Palmer Some Closure In Deadly New Episode, But Is That A Good Thing?

The break between new episodes of NCIS Season 19 isn’t over just yet, but new details about what comes next suggest that fans are in for a doozy of an episode when it comes to Palmer, and not just because actor Brian Dietzen co-wrote it. The show is bringing back a character who was k*** off just last season. While that could mean some closure for Palmer, it may not be for his own good depending on how it happens.

The next new episode of NCIS is called “The Helpers” and puts both Palmer and Kasie in some deadly circumstances, although not in the same way as the diner crisis back in Season 17. It will also bring back Meredith Eaton’s Dr. Carol Wilson for the first time since Season 11 in 2013 to try to help save the day, but it’s the return of Michelle Pierce as Breena Palmer that really raises questions about Palmer’s fate. His wife d*** off-screen during Season 18 due to COVID, and I’m a little concerned about what might happen for Pierce to reprise her role. Check out the episode description from CBS:

The episode description drops some more details about what brings Dr. Wilson back, and it establishes that Elle Harper will be returning as young Victoria Palmer, but it’s not clear how the dearly departed Breena will play a part. Breena’s death affected Palmer deeply, but he seemed to be moving on well enough, and was even looking to Victoria’s future when he found out Gibbs set up a scholarship fund for her and McGee’s twins. While it’s safe to say that NCIS isn’t going to resurrect Breena for “The Helpers,” I have to wonder about Palmer’s state of mind when exposed to this deadly biotoxin.

If Breena appears as part of a flashback or dream sequence, then that could provide some healthy closure… or as healthy as closure can be when a deadly biotoxin is involved. If Palmer hallucinates Breena while wide awake, then fans may need to start worrying about him. He’s also not exactly looking his best in an image from a scene that clearly takes place after he and Kasie are exposed. Check it out:

Collapsed on the ground, bloody nose, covered in sweat, holding Kasie’s hand and gazing at his daughter on the other side of a pane of glass? Palmer definitely isn’t looking great, and Kasie looks just as miserable at his side (although without the bloody nose). Hopefully neither one of them suffers any permanent damage from their exposure, and Palmer coming out the other side of the illness could make it easy for fans to enjoy the return of Michelle Pierce as Breena.

Prior to her return in “The Helpers,” Michelle Pierce’s most recent appearance in NCIS was back in a Season 12 episode in 2015. For Palmer’s sake, my fingers are crossed that Breena’s part ultimately helps him in his road to recovery, no matter if it’s a flashback, dream, or even hallucination. Since Brian Dietzen co-wrote the episode with prolific NCIS writer Scott Williams, fans can expect it to be a big hour for Palmer.

Watch “The Helpers” when NCIS returns on Monday, February 28 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS in the 2022 TV schedule, and you can catch up on any Season 19 episodes you might have missed so far with a Paramount+ subscription.

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