NCIS Hawaii episode 14: When will NCIS Hawaii return?

NCIS HAWAII has been a hit with CBS viewers as the latest extension of the NCIS universe but when will the drama be back on screen?
NCIS Hawaii took the usual format of the police procedural and dropped it onto the beautiful island state. Starring actress Vanessa Lachey as Agent Jane Tennant, the drama follows a new team investigating various c—-s involving marine and navy personnel. There have been no new episodes for quite a while now and fans are eager to know when it is going to return for more.
When will NCIS Hawaii return?

NCIS Hawaii hasn’t aired a new episode on CBS for almost a month now.

The last time the drama was shown was on Monday, January 24 for Spies Part Two.

The first half of the special two-parter aired the night before, Sunday, January 23 and proved to be a particularly exciting instalment.

So it’s no wonder that viewers are eagerly waiting for more of the same sort of excitement to come.

NCIS Hawaii has been delayed as part of a planned scheduled shake-up on CBS.

Along with NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and other shows on the network such as SWAT and The Good Doctor, NCIS Hawaii was postponed due to the Winter Olympics 2022.

This year taking part in Beijing, the games is a popular worldwide event and so CBS wanted to show extensive coverage while it has been on.

So this meant putting some of the network’s fan-favourite shows on hold until the games come to an end.

The Winter Olympics will be finished this weekend on Sunday, February 20.

This signals the start of CBS getting back to normal and resuming its usual schedule.

NCIS Hawaii is going to be one of the shows welcomed back with open arms and not too long after the game is over.

Episode 14 of NCIS Hawaii will air on Monday, February 28, on CBS, shortly after the latest episode of NCIS.
This next instalment is going to pick up from where it left off, following the sh—–ng betrayal of Jane’s mentor Maggie Shaw (Julie White).

The official synopsis of Broken reads: “While Jane is questioned following Maggie Shaw’s arrest, the rest of the team investigates a mysterious case of Marines with damaged ear canals from a weapon that emits ultrasonic waves.

“Also, Ernie visits his friend, Dr Tony Lee (Alec Mapa), to identify possible suspects who had access to his classified weapon.”

But even though it is good news to see the drama back on the air, there has been no talk just yet on its future.
While speaking to, actor Kian Talan said there would be either 22 or 23 episodes in season one.

This means that, as long as there are no more delays, NCIS Hawaii season one will finish sometime in mid-April.

The creators haven’t mentioned a second season just yet but with the series now nearing its end, fans are going to want to know its fate.

NCIS Hawaii continues on Monday, February 28, on CBS in America. A UK release date hasn’t been announced.

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