‘NCIS: Sydney’: Here’s Everything We Know About the Spin-Off

“NCIS” is adding another series to its franchise, and this time we’re going to the land down under. That’s right, just months after CBS launched “NCIS: Hawai’i,” Paramount+ has green-lit a new international series based in Sydney, Australia.

We know that Shane Brennan, creator of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” is going to be in charge of “NCIS: Sydney.” This should be right in his wheelhouse, as he’s also Australian. The series’ cast and crew will all be local Australians; if you thought Hawai’i had a lot of culture and history, wait until we get to Australia.

ViacomCBS president George Cheeks made a statement, additionally mentioning the “SEAL Team” movie slated for Paramount+. “These two projects represent two new ways we are expanding our studio footprint while supporting the company’s mission to drive streaming,” he said. “We have the producing roster, production infrastructure and deep library to be creative and nimble with franchises and other IP for both domestic and international audiences.”

The new series is expected in 2023 on Paramount+. Beverly McGarvey, Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President at ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, also made a statement about the new show. “It is such a privilege to be able to continue the legacy of such a wonderful show,” she said. “We are thrilled to welcome the inaugural international series of NCIS to Australian shores. We can’t wait to get production underway.”

It sounds like everyone involved is excited for the new “NCIS” series. Hopefully, it will be an instant hit with fans; this brings to mind the slow reception “NCIS: Hawai’i” had. Fans took a while to warm up to the new installment. But, currently, it seems like fans love “NCIS: Hawai’i” as well.
‘NCIS’: New Episode Will Be a ‘Next Step’ in Torres’ Journey

The recent “NCIS” episode, “Fight or Flight,” was a big one for Torres. We finally got a look beyond his armor, and saw him vulnerable. He’s been repressing a lot of anger, and feels abandoned and unloved.

He spent the episode pushing his friends away, but finally opened up to Palmer at the end. Now, Palmer and Kasie are in danger from a deadly biotoxin. According to Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the episode, this is going to be “a next step in [Torres’] journey.” But how? Is Torres going to finally realize that people care about him?

Dietzen praised Wilmer Valderrama for his performance in the episode. He told TV Line, “Wilmer just kind of knocks it out of the park. There are a couple of moments that definitely got me, you know?”

Torres is usually a divisive character; either you love him or you hate him, there’s not really an in-between with fans. But, it seems like the writers are trying to make him more personable, vulnerable, and relatable. We’ll know if it works after this episode, “The Helpers,” airs on February 28.

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