NCIS Sydney: Will Tony DiNozzo return to NCIS in Australian spin-off?

NCIS Sydney: Will Tony DiNozzo return to NCIS in Australian spin-off?NCIS Sydney was announced by ViacomCBS this week as the next show to be made as part of the international hit franchise. This will be the first time one of CBS’ originals is going to get its own show outside of America and fans cannot wait already to see how it is going to compare. Unlike the rest of the franchise, however, NCIS Sydney is not going to be making itself at home on the network.
NCIS originally premiered in 2003 as a JAG spin-off but soon found its own footing as it expanded its universe with NCIS Los Angeles, New Orleans and Hawaii.

NCIS New Orleans was sadly cancelled in 2021 but it also saw the start of NCIS Hawaii with actress Vanessa Lachey starring as the first-ever female lead agent, Jane Tennant.

Striving to make history yet again, the first NCIS show not set in America, NCIS Sydney is being developed for Paramount+ Australia.

This means it will initially air Down Under but could also be released in America at a later date.

As the excitement already builds for the next spin-off, there is now speculation over whether a certain fan-favourite NCIS actor is going to star.

Will Tony DiNozzo star in NCIS Sydney?

After the news broke on NCIS Sydney, some fans took to Twitter to question if actor Michael Weather, who was Agent Tony DiNozzo for 13 seasons, will be cast.

One fan wrote: “A comeback for Michael Weatherly, seeings Bull series is wrapping up mid year???”

Another jokingly commented: “2023 Special Agent Tony Dinozzo. Down Under”.

Whereas a third also questioned: “A return for Michael Weatherly to head the new cast….?”, after reading about NCIS Sydney.

Speculation is mounting after Weatherly quit CBS’ legal drama Bull last month after six years.

On social media, he explained he was making his exit to “pursue new creative challenges” but didn’t expand on what these would be.

What’s been adding to the rumour mill for the past six months are Weatherly’s tweets which have referred to NCIS in one way or another, indicating a potential comeback.

In December, he posted an old photograph of himself as Agent DiNozzo with the caption: “This guy woke me up this morning. Then I realized it was still a dream.

“He wouldn’t stop talking about Gibbs. And his shoulder holster. #ncis dream”.
On Christmas Day, he tweeted a cute video of him “interrogating” a Christmas tree while wearing an NCIS cap.

He also filmed a clip from an old episode of the CBS drama stating that his co-star Sean Murray is “perfect”.

With Weatherly suddenly leaving Bull, combined with these tweets and the announcement of NCIS Sydney does all indicate him starring in the new series could be a possibility.

The 53-year-old has always been open to the idea of a comeback so perhaps NCS Sydney could be the new “challenge” he is talking about?
As of yet, there has been no confirmation that Weatherly will be joining the cast Down Under.

Currently, DiNozzo is residing with former agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and their daughter Tali in Paris.

So there will have to be a shift in this off-screen story if DiNozzo was going to star in the drama. will update this article if any more information comes out.

NCIS Sydney is slated to air on Paramount+ Australia in 2023. A UK and US release date is yet to be announced.

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