‘NCIS’: Ducky Actor David McCallum Is Responsible for One of the Most Iconic Music Samples of All Time

There is a lot said about NCIS actor David McCallum. His roles on screen are iconic, but did you know he had a music career? Including one song that was sampled into a legendary song.

For those that don’t know, McCallum comes from quite a musical family. His mother was a cellist. And, his father, David McCallum Sr., was a master violinist. He attended the Royal College of Music and was the first violinist of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, and the Scottish National Orchestra. Even Senior’s family was musical. During his life, he even crossed paths with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Get this, he even showed Page how to bow a guitar. Something he would become known for during his rock career. So, it’s only fitting that McCallum Jr would be influential on another generation of musicians. If you were watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show, you heard this song being performed. The Next Episode by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg featuring Kurupt and Nate Dogg.

Check out the video below and listen for that familiar intro.

When that tone hits, it means that Dr. Dre and Snoop are taking us for another West Coast lyrical ride. However, now that I’ve heard David McCallum’s original…I don’t know what to think. It is amazing, honestly. How influential a father and son can be on multiple generations of popular music in America. From The Man from U.N.C.L.E. to NCIS, and all that in between, McCallum is a multifaceted talent.

For those that might have heard this song sampled elsewhere, you could have heard it in various places. From Masta Ace to John Legend. The song also made an appearance in Baby Driver, the 2017 film starring Ansel Elgort.
When Will David McCallum Be Back on ‘NCIS’?

More and more it seems that ol’ Dr. Ducky Mallard just isn’t on NCIS episodes. However, Ducky was involved in a recent episode back in January. On All Hands, the doctor made an appearance. Fans had been dying to see him on the show again and it’s great that David McCallum was seen once again on screen.

Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, the younger partner to Ducky gave fans a hint ahead of time. The show had a couple of guest stars recently. And while Ducky is a recurring character, it sure feels like a special episode when he is involved. His charm, wisdom, and humor are unrivaled. Over the course of his career, McCallum has worked with all kinds of folks in his role as the examiner for NCIS.

“And these poor actors and actresses come along and lie on a steel table. And so our main concern with the bodies is to keep them warm, keep them happy, and let them go home in one piece,” McCallum said about dealing with the various “corpses” on the show.

Over 400 episodes, almost 20 years, and 1 great career (along with some great tunes, too). David McCallum, ladies, and gentlemen.

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