‘NCIS’: Vance Goes Out in the Field in Upcoming Episode

What’s this? NCIS director Leon Vance is out in the field, tracking down a bad guy. We thought he left those days behind him to run the show.

CBS is teasing fans with photos of the new NCIS episode. This one is called “First Steps” and it’s set to air March 7, when TV fully returns to its normal self after spending most of February on ice. That’s Winter Olympics Ice.

On Valentine’s Day, NCIS showed how much it loved its viewers by dropping some info on the new episode. And from what we can see, it’s very Vance-centric. That means more Rocky Carroll. Let’s check the plot synopsis for this hour of NCIS drama.

“As NCIS investigates the cause of death of a reservist Navy Seal surgeon, they’re forced to bring Vance’s daughter, Kayla (Naomi Grace), who recently trained with NCIS, to help with a highly dangerous mission.”

Is Kayla Vance In Danger In New NCIS Hour?

So yes, Vance’s daughter will make an appearance. This follows a definite family trend this NCIS season. We met McGee’s mother-in-law, Judy Fielding, in November during “Docked.” Patricia Richardson, the Home Improvement star, portrayed quirky Judy. Plus, McGee’s wife Delilah made a return.

The next new episode, which runs Feb. 28, features Victoria, the young daughter of Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen).

NCIS fans shouldn’t be that surprised Vance’s daughter shows up. After all, he mentioned her during a conversation earlier in the season as he talked to McGee (Sean Murray) and Jimmy. It seems that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) gave mysterious gifts of cash. The money was in memory of Gibbs’ daughter and intended for the college funds for the kids of both men. Gibbs did the same with Vance’s daughter back in the day.

Naomi Grace plays Kayla Vance. She’s grown up with the show, with the March 7 episode her fourth. Her first NCIS hour was in January, 2018, with Family Ties.

And there was another mention of Kayla in the last new NCIS episode, “Fight or Flight,” which ran Jan. 24. Vance talked of how Kayla was at FLETC. That’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. In this photo, she’s working with Jimmy. But there is another snap of Kayla doing NCIS work with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

It’s a Family Trend: We’ll Soon See Victoria Palmer

Writers dubbed the next new episode “The Helpers.” Here’s the CBS plot tease: “While investigating the death of an intruder at Quantico, Jimmy and Kasie are exposed to a deadly biotoxin, and the NCIS team calls on Doctor Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton) for help as they race to find the antidote. Also, Torres tries to distract Jimmy’s daughter, who came to the office to spend the day with her dad.”

The episode likely is using Jimmy’s daughter to help soothe the family issues with Torres. We learned in “Fight or Flight” that Torres has become paranoid and angry as he pushes away his friends. Torres feels abandoned by Gibbs (Mark Harmon), who left NCIS during an October episode. Torres looked up to Gibbs like his own father.

Dietzen co-wrote the episode, which also features the return of Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton).

“Wilmer just kind of knocks it out of the park,” Dietzen told TV Line about the new NCIS episode. “There are a couple of moments that definitely got me, you know?”

Want to catch up with what happened in the last episode? Here’s the Outsider recap.

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