NCIS got a very amazing cross-cutting feature

Turns out NCIS leads to NCIS: Sydney, which is actually located in Australia.

For the first time in history NCISFranchising, there will be an international branch: NCIS: Sydney† The series was announced today by Paramount+ and CBS.
NCIS: Sydney It is the first-ever international version of the feature-length drama series that is set entirely in the United States to date. Think of a string like NCIS: Hawaii† NCIS: New Orleans And the NCIS: Los Angeles†

NCIS: Sydney-series
The NCIS: SydneyThe entire series revolves around the Naval C*****l Investigative Service in the most populous Australian city. And the series dares to live up to the high expectations of series in that city like Blue Hillers†

NCIS: Sydney It will be launched in 2023 and created by Australian screenwriter Shane Brennan.

Paramount/CBS Australia’s chief content officer, Beverley McGarvey, spoke about the series’ announcement with great pleasure:

“It’s an honor to continue the legacy of such a great series and to continue the great story of NCIS and immediately introduce new Australian characters and locations. We can’t wait to get started.”

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