‘NCIS’: This Season 15 Storyline Missed the Mark

No one can bat a thousand, especially in a game lasting nearly two decades.

As a 19-season show with over 400 episodes, NCIS has an impressively high batting average, but there have still been a few misses over the years. And back in Season 15, NCIS creators Donald Bellisario and Don McGill had fans in an absolute uproar with a questionable storyline decision.

It all happened in the infamous 22nd episode of the season, “Two Steps Back”. Explained in a series of flashbacks, Abby Sciuto, the team’s forensic specialist, and MI6 agent Clayton Reeves were enjoying dinner together when they were attacked by Kent Marshall, a former Army specialist – as well as a hitman.

Marshall was hired by none other than Robert King, a c****l who Abby helped imprison. Clayton Reeves sees the gun and pushes Abby out of the line of fire. And though Abby was the target of the hit, Clayton is the one who perishes in the a****k.

Abby was later able to extract a confession from Robert King, who was put behind bars once again. However, the forensic specialist was racked with grief and guilt from the death of her friend. Because of this, she resigns from the unit to move to London and start a charity in Clayton’s honor.

Needless to say, the loss of not one but two of the show’s most beloved characters did not go over well with fans. Taking to Reddit to vent their frustrations, fans penned messages such as, “I hate that we are losing both Abby and Reeves at once,” and “I don’t understand why they would kill off Reeves.”
‘NCIS’ Stars and Fans Alike Await Continuation of Storylines

Though NCIS Season 19 kicked off back in September of last year, the release of the final three episodes was postponed due to the 2022 Winter Olympics. With a full month between episodes 12 and 13, NCIS fans and stars alike expressed their impatience for a continuation of their favorite storylines.

To help quell the restlessness (or make it worse), NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama teased the release of episode 13 on Instagram. Beneath a screenshot of his NCIS character, Special Agent Nicholas Torres, Valderrama writes, “February 28th? …really? …ok… new Ep then then.”


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Overwhelmed with excitement for episode 13, fans expressed their love for Valderrama and NCIS in the replies. One fan writes, “Finally!!! Excited!!!”. Another says, “I have seen an article about it. I am already crying.”

With the wait for the final episodes of Season 19 almost over, fans are already anxiously awaiting the show’s renewal for a Season 20. To their dismay, CBS Network hasn’t officially announced a renewal. However, the enduring popularity of the show leads us to believe that it’s only a matter of time. The creators of NCIS do love to keep their fans in suspense, after all.

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