‘NCIS’: Was This the Worst Storyline of Season 9?

“NCIS” has seen major success over its 19 seasons, despite multiple fan-favorite character departures and a couple of less-than-satisfying storylines.

However, in contrast to the regularly positive ratings we saw when season nine aired, one storyline left fans less than content, especially as it seemed to take a left turn straight into disaster. And not the kind we live for as “NCIS” fans.

After seeing repeated criticism from “NCIS” fans, episode six ranks as, likely, the worst of the ninth season. It even potentially ranks as one of the worst in the series. Entitled “Thirst,” the episode kicks off as Special Agent Gibbs and the team investigate the de**-*-* of a Naval Reserve Lieutenant.

However, not long after, “NCIS” turns our attention to Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s burgeoning relationship with a woman named Mary. Things seem to get off to a good start. However, we quickly learn Duck’y girlfriend is a serial k——. And, when the beloved medical examiner is put at risk, fans are quick to voice their unhappiness.

As Looper reminds us, fans were not shy about voicing their opinions regarding the “NCIS” episode.

Over on Reddit, u/EstabanJBlanco said, “Cheryl Ladd as a serial k—– was horrid casting.”

Another “NCIS” fan added, “That’s messed up! Mary [concocted] the mu***-*-* just 2 pique Ducky’s interest? There’s a psycho twist!”

Overall, what turned fans off was the lack of reality in the “NCIS” episode. As usual, the plot was intense and Ducky again uses his kindness and mastery of psychology to resolve the situation. However, it definitely stands out as one of fans’ least favorite throughout the entirety of “NCIS.”
‘NCIS’ Fans Still Adore Tony DiNozzo

Although “NCIS” fans absolutely abhorred episode six of season nine, they loved, and still love, former Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.

Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo got his start at “NCIS” when the series debuted its pilot episode in 2003. He remained a crucial member of Gibbs’ team until his departure in season 13, which was prefaced by the departure of his onscreen love interest, Ziva David. And although he’s been absent from “NCIS” for six seasons now, fans are still begging his actor, Michael Weatherly, to at least make a one-time return in the new season.

Always prompt with the most pertinent “NCIS” discussions and debates, Reddit users shared their sentiments for the character in a thread.

One fan shared, “I’ve been rewatching NCIS all over again and MAN I miss Tony. I really loved the episodes of when Tony led the team and gained “[Gibbs] Powers.”

Longtime fans will remember that, during Gibbs’ brief retirement to Mexico with friend and mentor Mike Franks, DiNozzo took over as the team’s agent in charge. As such, we noticed he adopted several Gibbs-isms, including knowing seemingly private information and sneaking up on his coworkers unheard.

Fortunately, we have 13 seasons of Special Agent Tony DiNozzo to look back on. So while we dearly miss him in the newest episodes of “NCIS,” some of the character’s best storylines surely took place earlier in the series.

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