NCIS season 19: Kasie and Jimmy embroiled in explosive row as pair’s lives left in danger

NCIS’ Kasie and Jimmy will have an explosive row in the upcoming episode as they battle against the clock to find a cure to save their lives.
CBS’s world-renowned procedural drama NCIS is set to make an explosive return to screens. The series recently released a major sneak peek clip which showed Kasie Hines (played by Diona Reasonover) and Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) involved in a fierce row as they attempted to save their own lives.
Fans will be ecstatic to see the return of NCIS this week after it went on a lengthy hiatus due to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Viewers will be in for a surprise as they witness two fan-favourites almost come to blows after losing their cool at each other.

A sneak peeks clip for the upcoming episode titled ‘The Helpers,’ saw the desperate Kasie and Jimmy clash as they struggled to find a cure after being exposed to a biotoxin.

With the two scientific experts forced to quarantine together, doing the best they could, tensions reached fever pitch

As Jimmy tested chemicals, Kasie desperately brainstormed out loud as she attempted to come up with an idea for a cure,

In a state of worry, she stated: “The antidote to subset VX is atropine, which we don’t have, but what we do have is three ingredients to make it ourselves.”

To which a frustrated Jimmy responded: “I don’t know if it’s going to work.”

Kasie hit back: “I don’t know either, do you have another idea, anything at all, this cannot be our third strike.”

This visibly angered Jimmy, who slammed the table and lashed out: “There it is, that dreaded third strike that you’re always waiting for.

“Well then what the hell would you call it,” Kasie asked, “okay I have been shot at, I’ve had a knife to my throat and now it’s toxic gas for the win.”

Jimmy tried to reassure her: “Okay stop it, just stop, Carol said we’re going to be fine so everything going to be fine”

However, she wasn’t having it: “And you believe her? Look at us Jimmy, do you feel fine?”
“No I’m not,” he responded, “I don’t feel fine but I do know freaking out about it is only going to make things worse.

Kasie snapped back: “Okay you know what? Spare me your constant glass half full routine when all I can think about is my imminent death.”

Which led Jimmy to shout: “Alright if you do me a favour and maybe stop thinking about it so loudly with my daughter in the very next room.”

With the panic settling in, all hope for an antidote will be riding on immunologist Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton) who is expected to make her highly anticipated return to help find a cure for the two.
Another reason for Jimmy to worry is the fact his daughter Victoria arrived to visit him at work and due to the biotin, he will be forced to distance himself from her.

Although some promo pics showed them talking behind a window, it will undoubtedly be tough on the Chief Medical Examiner.

To make things worse his wife Breena Palmer (Michelle Pierce) died in 2020 after she contracted COVID-19, so this could bring up some painful memories.

Thankfully, Jimmy will have trusted friend Nick Torres looking after Victoria until an antidote can be found.

NCIS is available to watch on CBS in America. A UK release date for season 19 hasn’t been announced.

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