‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Says Upcoming Episode Will ‘Bruise Our Hearts’

This Monday is going to be a new episode of NCIS and that means an intense and difficult situation for our favorite characters.

Things don’t always go well over at NCIS. Wilmer Valderrama is always keeping fans entertained and informed. He posts updates and sneak peeks all the time from the show. The latest includes a clip on his Instagram from the new episode that will air this Monday.

Valderrama makes things seem very serious. This is going to be an episode that not only has a good story but a fan-favorite special guest as well. When fans tune in expect this episode to be filled with drama. Check out the teaser below.

“This Monday February 28th…We are back, this one will bruise our hearts,” Valderrama captioned the video.

Kasie Hines and Dr. Jimmy Palmer are going to be stuck in the lab. There was a leak and now the two scientists in the lab are going to be stuck. So, things aren’t going to go well if they aren’t able to get out in time. Of course, CDC researcher, Carol Wilson returns, played by Meredith Eaton.

This episode was co-written by Brian Dietzen so, that should be fun. When NCIS gets cast members in evolved in directing, writing, or production it can provide some great moments. It gives a fresh voice and feel to the show. After this one is over, what will fans be thinking?

Apparently, there have been folks that got an early look at the episode. And, by all accounts, everything sounds like a solid episode. So, fans should be ready, NCIS returns and there might be some tears involved.
‘NCIS’ Episode Gets High Marks Early

When fans tune in, there will already be some folks that have seen the episode. Monday night is the night that CBS airs the show, but NCIS gets seen a little early by those in the business. After such a long break, fans deserve a good quality episode. One that is going to keep their attention held for the entire episode.

“Monday’s [NCIS],” Meredith Jacobs wrote on Twitter. “Co-written by [Brian Dietzen], is so, so good and very emotional. Probably the best episode of the season.”

Now, that is some high praise. While it has a lot to live up to, Dietzen is a good writer and capable storyteller. So, I have high hopes for this episode.

NCIS fans have wanted this episode for a long time. Because it was announced that Eaton was making a return months ago. Since then it has been every week kind of thing that fans wonder if this will be the one. Well, it’s here. That means a fan favorite for what should be one of the best episodes of the year.

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