‘NCIS’: Jimmy’s Daughter Makes a Gibbs Joke at Parker’s Expense

NCIS reintroduced fans to the daughter of Jimmy Palmer during Monday’s emotional episode.

Victoria Elizabeth got suspended from school, so she was stuck going to work with her dad. And she really liked seeing all the NCIS agents. However, Monday’s “The Helpers” was the first time she met two newcomers — Alden Parker (Gary Cole) and Jess Knight (Katrina Law). Side note, read the Outsider recap here.

Jess tried too hard when she met Victoria. She complimented her shoes, then said she loved her backpack. Problem was, she couldn’t see her backpack. Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) pulled his partner aside: “Kids are like small people. you talk to them like people.”

Victoria took one look at Parker and asked “when did Gibbs grow a beard?” Then she smiled as Jimmy let everybody know Victoria was joking.

Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) cracks: “She’s a real chip off her dad’s block.”

As all fans know, Gibbs left NCIS last October. He decided to stick in Alaska after they’d all solved a big case. Mark Harmon, who portrayed Gibbs since the series’ inception in 2003, wanted off the show.

Meanwhile, Victoria really was a mini version of Jimmy. The character hadn’t been seen since 2015, when she was born. Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the episode, plays Jimmy, the NCIS medical examiner. So he made a chunk of the episode about Jimmy, a widower, and his relationship with his only child. Of course, the whole episode was fairly tense, save for the Gibbs crack, with Jimmy and Kasie nearly dying after being exposed to a biotoxin. Domestic terrorists on the loose represent a frightening plotline.

Victoria Tells NCIS Agents She Knows ‘Body Talk’

Right off the bat, the agents were called out to Quantico to investigate the case of a man who’d been hit and k***** by a large truck. But nobody wanted to mention why everyone was leaving the office. You know, there was a kid there.

So Victoria proclaimed “I’m fairly well versed on dead body talk.”

The d****d body was really mangled. Before Jimmy examined it, he made sure Torres took Victoria out for ice cream (rocky road is her favorite flavor). Torres is so close to Victoria she calls him Uncle Nick.

The d**d guy was carrying a flask. Jimmy and Kasie sniffed it, then stuck the contents in a machine. Turns out, the flask contained a biotoxin. The Raven and his minions planned on spreading it. But at the NCIS office, an alert system locked down Jimmy’s office.

Jimmy and Kasie were on the brink of death as the team found the antidote. Thinking he was about to die, Jimmy had a heart-to-heart with his daughter. The name of the episode was “The Helpers.” And Jimmy quoted Mister Roger’s advice when speaking to Victoria.

In the most moving moment of NCIS season 19 since Gibbs bid McGee goodbye), Jimmy told his daughter:

“You remember the Mister Rogers movie, how he told us to look for the Helpers? There are people out there who live their lives like that, honey. There are helpers in this world who will look out for you for the rest of your life.

“Open your eyes, see God’s helpers, they’re out there, doing what’s right … Being a helper takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. … Someday you will be an amazing helper, Victoria Elizabeth Palmer.”

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