NCIS LA: fans stunned as dreaded deep fake returns for Callen ‘Leave him alone!’

NCIS LA fans were left stunned after a jaw-dropping episode hinted at the mysterious return of an unusual piece of technology.

CBS’ hit procedural drama NCIS LA returned for another instalment of its action-packed criminal investigations. However, after the team solved an elusive case, a jaw-dropping cliffhanger left viewers stunned and worried about Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) fate.

In the latest instalment titled ‘Where Loyalties Lie,’ Callen was at the forefront of the episode for a number of reasons.

Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and his wife Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) had decided to sell their bar after it went under during the pandemic.

However, Deeks wasn’t ready to tell Callen as he lived in the apartment above the bar and he couldn’t sell the establishment with a tenant.

Even with Kensi’s pressure, Deeks was glad to put it to the side when he was called in for a murder investigation.


NCIS LA: Callen

NCIS LA: Callen could be the latest victim of the deep fake (Image: CBS)

NCIS LA: Callen and Sam

NCIS LA: the deep fake technology first made an appearance in season 12 (Image: CBS)

When the case came to a close, Deeks finally told Callen he was planning to sell the bar, however, Callen wasn’t upset.

Instead, he was glad his friends weren’t wasting their savings on their failing bar.

In a huge turn of events, the final scenes made it clear Callen’s face and voice had been stolen using expert technology.

The impersonator even used the computer program to deceive Callen’s doctor and meet with the professional via video call.


NCIS LA: Janvier

NCIS LA: fans predict his enemy, Janvier could be behind it (Image: CBS)

NCIS LA: Janvier and Callen

NCIS LA: Janvier and Callen had history (Image: CBS)

The jaw-dropping cliff-hanger left viewers stunned as they took to Twitter to share their concerns about Callen’s fate.

@ItenaBivens wrote: “Who is after Callen now with his stolen identity, diagnosis of a medical situation? Uh oh noooo.”

@jmxherondale added: “I know Callen is the main character but CAN THEY LEAVE HIM ALONE FOR A GODDAMN MINUTE AND LET HIM BE HAPPY.”

@Yaardiegurl stated: “Wtf was that ending? & why is there always someone after Callen??”

@tgiff1 anticipated: “I think it’s Janvier behind it.”

While @90sViola commented: “THE ENDING— what in the name of imposter syndrome.”

This wasn’t the first time the team had come across the deep fake technology, as it first appeared in the episode titled ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

In the episode, they discovered a hard drive which contained a video of a long-dead terrorist which was inserted using the deep fake technology.


Marcel Janvier (Christopher Lambert) also known as The Chameleon was a serial killer and Callen’s archenemy.

Callen had previously gunned him down, which resulted in the agent being wanted for murder.

However, it was revealed Janvier had faked his death by wearing a bulletproof vest and was being held hostage by NCIS.

Eventually, the team were able to strike a deal for Callen’s return, however, there is a chance Janvier could be back to seek revenge against the agent.





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