Wilmer Valderrama ex-girlfriends: Who has NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama dated?

Wilmer Valderrama has been a household name since launching his career on the sitcom That 70s Show. Since then, he has been in From Dusk Till Dawn, Awake, Raising Hope, Minority Report, Grey’s Anatomy and The Ranch. He now portrays Agent Nick Torres in long-running c***e drama NCIS on CBS. However, the media has more often paid attention to his love life rather than his career. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about Valderrama’s star-studded ex-girlfriends.

Who has NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama dated?

Demi Lovato

Valderrama’s most famous love affair was with Skyscraper singer Demi Lovato.

They had an on-off relationship for six years, which officially came to an end in mid-2016.

Speaking in her documentary Simply Complicated, Lovato said: “When I first met Wilmer he was 29. I met him on January 11 of 2010.

“It was at a PSA shoot at his house for the 2010 census forms.

“To be honest, I only did it because I heard it was at his house and I thought he was really cute. I didn’t really care about the census forms.”

The couple’s break-up was reportedly mutual as their romance started to turn into more of a “big brother-little sister” relationship.

This could be down to the 12-year age gap, with Valderrama 40-years-old and Lovato just 28.

The former loved-up pair do still get along and worked together recently, playing soulmates in Netflix’s animated movie Charming which came out yesterday, Friday, January 8.

Wilmer Valderrama: dated girlfriends demi lovato
Wilmer Valderrama: Who has the NCIS star dated? (Image: Getty)

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Wilmer Valderrama: dating girlfriend demi lovato
Wilmer Valderrama: He had an on-off relationship with singer Demi Lovato for six years. (Image: Getty)

Wilmer Valderrama:
Wilmer Valderrama: The actor dated actress Mandy Moore for two years. (Image: Getty)

Wilmer Valderrama: dating girlfriend lindsay lohan
Wilmer Valderrama: In 2004, he briefly dated actress Lindsay Lohan. (Image: Getty)

Mandy Moore

Prior to his on-off relationship with Lovato though, Valderrama had plenty of other ex-girlfriends.

One of which was This Is Us actress Mandy Moore who he dated between 2000 and 2002.

After a couple of years of dating, the pair broke up but whenever they have bumped into one another at events, they’ve posed for selfies together to post on Instagram.

In an interview with Howard Stern two years ago, Moore said: “I met him [Valderrama] at a photo shoot for like, some teen magazine, literally, when I was 15? 15!

“I was [pretty innocent!]. Again, never French kissed a boy. He was like my first real true boyfriend.”

Wilmer Valderrama: ashlee simpson dating girlfriend
Wilmer Valderrama: In 2005, he dated singer Ashlee Simpson. (Image: Getty)

Wilmer Valderrama: dating girlfriend avril lavigne
Wilmer Valderrama: After her divorce, the NCIS star dated Avril Lavigne. (Image: Getty)

Wilmer Valderrama: dating girlfriend rihanna
Wilmer Valderrama: There were rumours he was at one point dating singer Rihanna. (Image: Getty)

Lindsay Lohan

In 2004, Valderrama got involved with child star Lindsay Lohan but as she was just 17 and him 24 at the time, they kept their romance private until her 18th birthday.

Shortly after, the couple moved in together but their relationship only lasted a few months.

Ashlee Simpson

The NCIS star was linked to singer-songwriter Ashlee Simpson in 2005 but neither of them have ever confirmed this was true.

The spotlight was very much on the pair at this time though as actress Lohan accused Simpson of taking Valderrama from her.

Simpson then went on to write song Boyfriend and for years had denied it was about her situation with Lohan and Valderrama.

However, in 2018, Simpson did hint at this being true this during a game on Watch What Happens Live.

Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend and It’s Complicated singer Avril Lavigne was married to lead vocalist of band Sum 41 Deryck Whibley.

When she filed for divorce in 2009, she went on to date TV personality Brody Jenner and Nickleback singer Chad Kroeger, who she later married.

Before them though, Lavigne did date Valderrama after she had split from first husband Whibley.

They reportedly met during filming for documentary Fast Food Nation and sparks soon started to fly between them.


Valderrama was also reportedly dating internationally popular singer Rihanna.

Their love affair supposedly took place in March 2008 but neither have confirmed their romance.

The NCIS actor has been linked to plenty of other famous faces including That 70s Show co-star Mila Kunis, actress Christina Milian, Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton and Sofia Vergara.

But now, there is just one woman in Valderrama’s life who has bagged himself a fiancé.

Valderrama went public with girlfriend Amanda Pacheco back in April 2019.

Not much is known about her besides from the fact she’s a model and a certified diving instructor.

Things quickly got serious though as at the beginning of 2020, Valderrama got down on one knee and proposed to Pacheco.

So far, there have been no details as to when the happy couple are going to get married.

NCIS is available to watch on CBS.

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