‘NCIS’: Wilmer Valderrama Teases a Big Announcement Coming Up

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama is teasing “major announcements” coming soon. We’re certainly hoping the big reveal has nothing to do with Nick Torres.

NCIS ended season 19 with a tantalizing cliffhanger as Alden Parker and his ex-wife Viv go on the run in her sporty Mercedes. Meanwhile, Torres, McGee, Jess, Jimmy, Kasie and Vance will work to clear Parker’s name. After all, no one believes Parker (Gary Cole) is a mu*******er and thief.

So what did Valderrama mean when he posted this week about major announcements? The photo he shared is the logo of his production company VW Enterprises.

Walderrama fans came up with a couple of good theories. One wrote “You are going to #SaveMagnumPI and be part of the cast with Jay ???” It would be fun if Walderrama could help resurrect Magnum, which received a surprise cancellation from CBS last month. Plus, he’s good friends with Jay Hernandez, who starred as Thomas Magnum. Valderrama posted a photo of the two of them at a boxing match. And he referred to Hernandez as his “brother” with the hashtag #weknowwelooklikebrothers.

Another NCIS fan wrote: “You’re leaving NCIS & starting your own production company.” Well, Valderrama already has his own production company. He also has a d***al with CBS Studios with several projects already under development.

Valderrama also could be dropping some more details about Zorro, his newest project. He’ll be playing Zorro in the new series for Disney.

“I’ll tell you this: This will be a Zorro for this generation,” Valderrama said last month during an appearance on the Drew Barrymore talk show. “And it’ll be incredibly thoughtful with its origin story, and it’ll be grounded in authenticity.”

Back in December, the NCIS star said of Zorro: “Growing up, Zorro was the one character that made me, as a Latino, feel like I could be a hero.” He’ll also be an executive producer on the project.

So where does that leave Torres and NCIS? Last month, Valderrama said he’s in negotiations to stay. Valderrama told Parade.com, “As of now, we are in conversations, and I hope to definitely not only come back but to be there for my co-stars. I love NCIS and I love what they’ve given me as a home, and I feel like my time at NCIS is not over yet.”

Valderrama has played Nick Torres on NCIS since 2016 and has 129 episodes to his credit. He’s also reprising his role as Fez on the reboot of That 70s Show. Netflix picked it up the revival and called it That 90s Show. Valderrama joins former co-stars Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Laura Prepon on the reboot. They’ll make “special guest appearances” as the show focuses on another generation.

Stick with Outsider as we report whatever the major announcement might be.

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