CBS TEASES A Surprise ENDING For NCIS Finale..

CBS TEASES A Surprise ENDING For NCIS Finale..

Welcome back to Film Craze, today on the channel we are going to talk about CBS Teases a ‘Surprise Ending’ for NCIS and an ‘Emotional’ Finale for FBI and other related news. It’s that time of the year again. Summer is fast approaching, which means that many TV series are wrapping up their seasons. It’s a bittersweet time for television fans because season finales always promise something suspenseful, impactful or game-changing. However, a season finale (by definition) means that there won’t be any new episodes until the fall. That’s exactly what’s happening with two of CBS’ biggest shows: NCIS and FBI. Over the years, NCIS and FBI two have become staples on the police procedural front. They both command faithful audiences that tune in week in and week out to see what complicated cases the crime-fighters are solving in each episode. Unfortunately, there are only a few episodes left in 2021-2022 season, but each series has already revealed some details about its finale — and both of them look to super important episodes. So, here’s a look at when and how NCIS and FBI will wrap up their seasons.

Katrina Law Says NCIS’ Season 19 Finale Will Have A “Big, Huge Surprise Ending”. Season 19 of NCIS was all about turnover. With Agents Gibbs, Bishop and Sloane leaving the series, NCIS introduced Gary Cole as Alden Parker, and Katrina Law as Jessica Knight. Overall, their integrations went really well, as they’ve been able to mesh with the cast. Each week, we’ve learned a bit more about them, and the season finale promises to continue that trend. Showrunner Rick Eid Calls FBI’s Season 4 Finale “Really Intense, Really Emotional, Really Suspenseful”. On FBI everything is about Maggie Bell. In the real world, Missy Peregrym (who plays Maggie) was temporarily written off due to her pregnancy. In-universe, though, she was exposed to Sarin gas, which necessitated an extended recovery time. The whole team had a difficult time with her near-death experience, but OA (Zeeko Zaki) had a particularly rough time. More details as CBS Teases a ‘Surprise Ending’ for NCIS and an ‘Emotional’ Finale for FBI and other related news in this video.

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