365 Days 3 Is Not Coming to NETFLIX In June 2022: See Here’s

Netflix will not release 365 Days 3 in June 2022. (also known as The Next 365 Days). The s33xual flicks, which are based on Blanka Lipiska’s Polish-language books of the same name, have been a worldwide success since their release on the streaming service.

365 Days: This Day, the third and last episode of Laura and Massimo’s dramatic love story, was released on Netflix just over a month ago on April 27, and many fans are looking forward to the fourth and final installment.

In the second film, Laura was shot and bled to de.a.th at the hands of her Italian M.afia boss husband, Massimo, so it’s obvious that fans are eager to know what happens next.
365 Days 3’s Release Date has been Pushed back.

The second and third films were shot in the same year, 2021. In an official announcement, Netflix indicated that the films would be available worldwide in 2022.


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