‘NCIS’ Fans Claim Writers ‘Forgot’ McGee Has a Sister

As one of the few remaining season one original cast members on “NCIS,” Special Agent Timothy McGee boasts a lot of depth.

Not only have we become familiar with nearly every single one of the federal agent’s personal details and traits; we have also become acquainted with his family outside of work. That includes his sister Sarah McGee (Troian Bellisario) who made her first “NCIS” appearance way back in season four.

Heading into the series’ milestone 20th season, its crazy to think we met Sarah McGee nearly 16 years ago. However, fans, amid the “NCIS” summer hiatus, have pointed out that following her initial introduction, writers basically forgot about McGee’s sister.

The episode featuring actress Troian Bellisario was entitled “Twisted Sister.” There, we saw McGee and Sarah working a murder case partially on their own. Initially, it seemed as though the latter character was the killer. In recalling that episode, one irritated “NCIS” fan wrote on Reddit, “And then the writers basically forgot [McGee] has a sister after that.”

Another aggravated fan added, “It’s irritating as hell. She was such an interesting character, but she’s never seen again, not even at McGee’s wedding.”

A third said, “She’s mentioned a bit, but that’s it. Deep Six (McGee’s book publications) gets more time on screen than she does.”
The Truth Behind Agent McGee’s Missing Sister

Her disappearance might be a mystery to fans. However, Express revealed that drama behind the scenes of “NCIS” potentially led to Sarah McGee actress Troian Bellisario’s exit. According to the outlet, Bellisario, who also happens to be Tim McGee actor Sean Murray’s real-life step-sister, chose to depart “NCIS” after her first appearance. After clashing with Mark Harmon, her father, the show’s creator Don Bellisario, was fired from the show.

Looper previously reported, “Troian didn’t feel comfortable working on a show that caused her dad so much heartache.”

Still, some more detail-oriented fans think writers should at least suggest the continued existence of McGee’s sister. In the same post, one user said, “I would have liked to see a photo of her in McGee’s house. I always picked up little things like that.

Perhaps, after hearing feedback from longtime fans, writers might take this little plothole into consideration when season 20 airs this fall. And maybe we can look forward to further context regarding Sarah’s sudden disappearance.
‘NCIS’ Season 19’s Highest Rated Episode

As we impatiently wait for “NCIS’s” season 20 debut, we’re looking back on some of our favorite past episodes. And as far as season 19 goes, the highest-rated episode was also one of the most melancholy.

“NCIS” patriarch Mark Harmon (Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs) departed the series after nearly two decades on the show several episodes into the season. And while we’ve slowly adjusted to the image of the new team, headed by Alden Parker actor Gary Cole, fans are still mourning the longtime star’s exit from “NCIS.”

That said, despite being a hard goodbye, Gibbs’ goodbye episode was also the most highly-rated of the season. After airing on October 11th, Mark Harmon’s farewell episode received a 9.0 on a 1-10 scale; most episodes of “NCIS” achieve about a 7.

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