Prison Break Season 6 was assured earlier! M Thorn’s opinion on another season

Although fans are aware of Prison Break Season 6’s uncertainty, still they are hoping to see it on the screens. Earlier, the viewers were excited after the news that the sixth season was under development.

After Prison Break Season 5 was promoted in May 2017, the FOX Television Group CEO Dana Walden opined that the network would “definitely consider doing more episodes.” On December 12, 2017, the series actor Dominic Purcell announced through Instagram that season 6 was “in the works.”

In January last year, Michael Thorn, President of Entertainment for FOX Entertainment, spoke to Deadline about the series ’24’ and ‘Prison Break’. “We continue to talk about 24 and Prison Break as potential spinoffs,” Michael Thorn told Deadline. “There is nothing that is ready to announce,” he opined.

“It’s in very early stages of development, but we are really excited about it,” Thorn added. According to him, Prison Break Season 6 would not feature the entire new cast but the two leads Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell were expected to reprise their roles as Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows respectively.

However, the sudden exit of Wentworth Miller followed by Dominic Purcell severely disappointed fans and they are depressed after learning that Prison Break won’t return for Season 6. We have already discussed this in our previous articles.

The CEO of Fox Entertainment, Charlie Collier confirmed a few months back that Prison Break Season 6 is not happening. “There’s no plan right now to revive Prison Break or any of the other franchises, but when the creators come with a story that they think is the right time to tell, we are so ready to listen because those are some franchises of which I’m so proud and feel so fortunate that they’re in our stable,” Collier opined.

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