Former ‘NCIS’ Star Emily Wickersham Debuts New Look: PHOTOS

Former NCIS star Emily Wickersham is having so much fun just being a new mom. But even in the most blissful of times, it’s cool to tweak your look.

And Wickersham unveiled her new look Thursday via Instagram. She was wearing a sleeveless red and navy striped knit dress and posing in front of a red Land Cruiser. Get the idea her new look has something to do with red? It does. The NCIS ex is now rocking strawberry blonde locks.

NCIS Fans Miss Ellie Bishop

No doubt, NCIS fans miss Wickersham, aka Ellie Bishop. Her last episode was “Rule 91,” which ran May 25, 2021. It served as the finale for season 18. With rumors that Mark Harmon wanted to leave the show, Wickersham actually did it. Bishop told Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) that she was leaving to go deep undercover. The two kissed. Then Wickersham posted on Instagram that she was leaving the show.

“Hangin this hat and jacket up,” she said of her NCIS departure. What a great ride it’s been.”

To start season 19, the agents needed to deal with Gibbs departure. And Torres took two gut punches since he viewed Gibbs as a father figure. Plus, Bishop basically ghosted him. She gave her apartment keys to Jimmy and cut off her phone without giving Torres the new number.

Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021

Wickersham Gave Birth to Baby Boy Cassius

But in reality, Wickersham was getting on with her life. She spent eight seasons on the show, portraying Bishop for 172 episodes. She soon revealed she was pregnant. And on Dec. 30, she gave birth to a baby boy. She and boyfriend James Badge Dale named their son Cassius Wickersham Dale. He goes by Cassius.

Wickersham posted about Cassius on her first-ever Mother’s Day. “Here we are several months before Cassius was born,” Wickersham captioned of photo showing her and her boyfriend. “We had no idea what we were in for.”

“Becoming a Mother has changed my life and perspective on things in so many ways,” she said. “Cassius you are the biggest teacher of all… and you continue to amaze me day after day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamas out there.”

Wickersham appears as if she’s taking a break from acting. Meanwhile, NCIS continues without Wickersham. CBS switched it from its normal Tuesday time slot to Monday. Gary Cole, as Alden Parker, replaced Harmon as special agent in charge. He was an FBI agent who got fired for not arresting Gibbs. And Katrina Law, who was a recurring character at the end of season 18, joined the cast fulltime. She plays Jess Knight. By the finale, she and Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) discovered they had feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, Parker had a very Gibbs-esque finish to the season. NCIS writers gave fans a cliffhanger. The FBI thinks Parker m*****d his former partner. But in reality, a domestic terrorist named the Raven likely did so. And as Parker left the office with ex-wife, Viv, NCIS left us wondering if Viv was the Raven.

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