‘NCIS’: Here’s What We Want To See Out of the First Season 20 Trailer

Given the action-packed conclusion of NCIS season 19, we can assume the series will return this fall with a bang. The last we saw, the team’s leader Alden Parker was framed for m****r, soon becoming a fugitive just as Gibbs did last year. Soon enough, he goes on the run with his ex-wife and FBI paranormal investigator Vivian Kolchak. Given the cliffhanger ending surrounding Alden Parker, it only makes sense Season 20 will pick up with that storyline. However, there are a whole lot of other plots and subplots we’d like to see when NCIS returns this fall. So we’re here to take a look at what the show’s first new trailer might preview.

Will We Become More Familiar With Vivian Kolchak?

Foremost, we already know actress Teri Polo plans to return to NCIS to reprise her role as Vivian Kolchak. So, with Parker in danger beside his ex-wife, perhaps the next new trailer will reveal more details about Kolchak’s connection to the m****r; and maybe even her real intentions.

Another important point for the new trailer could be the team’s investigation into the m****r without Agent Parker in reach. During the finale, Jessica Knight pointed out just how little they actually know about their boss. That said, as they work to get to the bottom of their investigation, perhaps they’ll also learn the truth about Kolchak not to mention Parker.

According to CarterMatt, there is one thing we can almost guarantee won’t feature in NCIS season 20’s first trailer. That’s the growing romance between Special Agent Jessica Knight and longtime medical examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer. Currently, their romance plays an interesting role within the fictional world of NCIS. However, showrunners have already concluded the duo’s budding relationship will feature more heavily later in the season.

What to Expect From NCIS Agent Torres in Season 20:

Agent Parker remains at the forefront of NCIS‘s current storyline. Meanwhile, Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer’s new relationship creates an all-new inter-team dynamic amid the long-running series. However, with our attention turned to these three characters, Special Agent Nick Torres has kind of faded from the foreground.

Compared to the rest of the ongoing storylines ahead of NCIS‘s 20th season, Nick’s battle with himself remains rather quiet. Following the departure of former partner and NCIS agent Eleanor Bishop and the emotional exit of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Torres has really begun to struggle. In fact, some of the more recent episodes of NCIS saw Torres speaking with Gibbs’ former therapist Grace Confalone about his battle with alcoholism.

Altogether, Torres’ fragile state of mind suggests he needs someone to lean on. Previously, that was Bishop or Gibbs. However, another complication amid season 20 of NCIS will be whether or not Torres can overcome his personal problems and help the team solve Parker’s strange m****r case.

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