Why Pauley Perrette Said Her Role Immediately After Leaving ‘NCIS’ Was a Better Fit

Following her departure from “NCIS” after 18 seasons, Pauley Perrette revealed that her role after leaving the CBS series was a better fit for her.

The “NCIS” alum further explained to USA Today that it was the right time for her departure from the series due to things going on in her personal life. “It’s such a weird time for everybody. I was already so excited about people seeing our show because it’s my favorite show I’ve ever done, so funny, sweet, and awesome. But now I’m really excited in a whole other way. I feel people need this right now. It really makes people happy. When we’re in times like these, when your job is specifically to bring people joy, that’s a great job.”

While speaking about her role on CBS’s sitcom “Broke,” the former “NCIS” star stated in a tweet, “I came from comedy. They took me from comedy to be like the comic relief on that military show about m****r.”

According to IMDb, “Broke” followed a “trust-fund baby” who is cut off by his father and is forced to move with his wife’s estranged sister. The former “NCIS” cast member starred in the series with Jaime Camil and Natasha Leggero. However, the series only lasted for one season before it was canceled by CBS.

The actress also spoke about leaving “NCIS” for good and being terrified of her co-star Mark Harmon. “That is a part of my past now, and it’s nothing that I have any need to talk about again, other than one thing: I’m certainly grateful for having the opportunity to play that character and I always will be.”
Pauley Perrette Refers to Former “NCIS” Co-Star Michael Weatherly As Like a Brother To Her

While continuing to speak to USA Today, Pauley Perrette spoke kindly about her former “NCIS” co-star Michael Weatherly. “Michael Weatherly is like my brother,” Perrette explained. “I love him more than anything on the planet Earth. He’s awesome.”

Perrette also stated that she hung out with other “NCIS” castmate Brian Dietzen recently and she referred to CBS as her home. “The network and the studio has always been really, really good to me.”

Upon leaving her “NCIS” role, Perrette admitted she needed to breathe. “I needed to stop. I’ve had such an insanely interesting life, just being in film and television and the criminal science. I wanted to do absolutely nothing. It turns out I was great at it.”

While comparing her time on “Broke” to “NCIS,” Perrette shared, “I feel very respected by my bosses, which is something that I wish for everyone because when you don’t have that, it feels awful,” she says. “And not for nothing, there’s women everywhere. My old job, that was not the case. I love it. We have women in charge. We have women (at the) camera, women everywhere, more like the world looks. That made me really happy.”

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