Yes, There Is An ‘N.C.I.S’ Crossover Coming Soon

And it’s a 3-way. N.C.I.S., Hawaii, and LA are joining forces as soon as the logistics are figured out, according to executive producer R. Scott Gemmill.

Speaking with T.V. Insider, Gemmill admits that the N.C.I.S. crossover is already in the works. “Doing one crossover with one show sort of feels like you’re leaving somebody out… I’ve already talked to the other showrunners, everyone’s sort of up for it. It’s just the practicality of pulling it off is a little tricky.” He elaborates that flying actors around isn’t anything new.

NCIS executive producer Steven D. Binder corroborates the rumor. “I believe it’s in the cards, just based on how well it went [with N.C.I.S. and N.C.I.S.: Hawaii]. Last season was a trial run. Hopefully this season will have greased the wheels a little more.” Binder also mentions that crossovers can sometimes lead to losing actors.

Jan Nash, executive producer of N.C.I.S.: Hawaii, also seems hyped on the idea. “The chances of a big crossover are quite high,” she confirms. Nash also wants the cast of N.C.I.S.: Hawaii to return.

So, there it is, folks. A crossover is happening. In fact, T.V. Insider reports that there might even be a fourth show involved. Gemmill tells the outlet that he really wants David James Elliott and Catherine Bell of JAG to return.

“I’m still really good friends with David and Catherine and talk to them all the time, and I’ve written some stuff for both of them in the last little bit, trying to get some new stuff off the ground,” Gemmill says. “I think it could happen. I love working with them. It was such a treat to bring them both back and to be able to write for the same character and the same actor — for me, it was probably 20 plus years with [them]. And yeah, they’re both up for it.”

It seems like the biggest question about an N.C.I.S. crossover at this point is which cast members are willing to move, and where.

N.C.I.S., N.C.I.S.: Hawaii, and N.C.I.S.: LA are all set to return to the small screen this Fall on CBS.

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