‘NCIS’ Fans Hope the Show Brings Back DiNozzo After ‘Bull’ Cancelation

Michael Weatherly has been a big part of CBS’s evening television drama line-up for quite some time now. The longtime actor is well remembered for his role as Tony DiNozzo on the hit procedural drama series NCIS. However, NCIS fans were no doubt saddened when Michael Weatherly’s character made an exit from the series during the the13th season.

However, there was to be no Weatherly shortage on the popular television network. The former NCIS actor soon stepped into the role of Dr. Jason Bull in the courtroom television drama Bull. But, after six seasons on the air, Bull is coming to an end. However, this could spell good news for NCIS fans; as some are hopeful that this could mean a reprisal of Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo character on NCIS.

NCIS Fans Wonder If Bull Cancelation Means Tony DiNozzo Will Be Making A Comeback

In a recent Reddit post, NCIS fans pondered whether or not the news of Bull’s cancelation would lead to Michael Weatherly’s return to the show. It seems, however, that many fans can only see this happening as a guest appearance.

“[Im] sure someone’s said this,” one NCIS fan recently posted to Reddit. “But do you think they’ll bring back Tony now that Bull is [canceled]?”

“Maybe a cameo/guest role,” one NCIS fan suggests.

“They’ve mentioned him,” the Redditor adds. “It’d be fun to see a video call with them.”

Maybe Tony DiNozzo’s NCIS Return Will Be A Nostalgic Nod To the Past

One NCIS fan notes that while Weatherly and his character are beloved in the series, bringing back old storylines can get tired. However, the Redditor says, guest appearances here and there could be a fun blast from the past.

“The series right now is like a breath of fresh air,” the fan explains.

“That you don’t get from long-standing characters whose stories have been told,” the Redditor adds. However, the commenter says, some nostalgic guest-starring moments would be great to see.

“I would welcome him back with open arms as a guest star as much as he wanted though,” the NCIS fan explains.

“And if they could get de Pablo (Ziva) in on it too,” they continue of a potential Michael Weatherly return to NCIS. “Nostalgia’s a hell of a drug and one that they’ve done well before.”

Some Fans Don’t See Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo Returning To The Team

Other fans of the series, however, believe that Tony DiNozzo is at a point in his life where he wouldn’t return to this line of work. One NCIS watcher notes that Tony likely wouldn’t “want the career that would put his daughter’s father’s life in jeopardy.”

And, this fan notes, not only would Ziva likely resist DiNozzo returning to the states to rejoin the team, but he likely wouldn’t return now that his buddy, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs has made his own exit from the series.

“The only way I think it works at this point, as others have already said, is in a guest star role,” says another Redditor.

“Perhaps for a short arc,” the fan adds while proposing an idea for the arc.

“They could have Tony working out of the field office in [Marseille], France,” the post continues. “And a case could lead the team to [having] to work the case with that office.”

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