‘NCIS’: Season 20 Could Be Dr. Jimmy Palmer’s Biggest Season Yet

Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, had quite the year on NCIS. He nearly d—-d twice, he saw his dead wife in a vision and he’s apparently in a new relationship.

Plus, Dietzen co-wrote his first NCIS episode. “The Helpers” (see Outsider recap here) might’ve been the most moving NCIS hour, this side of Gibbs leaving the team, from all of season 19.

So what might happen with Palmer as NCIS evolves into season 20?

Jimmy and Jess Make a Cute NCIS Couple

First, we love his new relationship with Jess Knight (Katrina Law). As the season ended, it still was kind of awkward, as Jimmy wasn’t quite sure he deserved someone so beautiful as Jess. Plus, the two were best office friends. Law joined NCIS as a recurring character in season 18. Producers promoted her to full-time cast for season 19, replacing Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop. And as fans all know, Bishop fell in love with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), so it would be kind of weird for Jess to take up with her new partner. Jimmy, was by far the safer choice, although she and Torres get along well.

The two had their first date when Jess couldn’t find a plus one for her cousin’s wedding. She finally asked Jimmy, who was more than happy to dress up in a tux and go out with Jess.

But their big date came unknowingly on an NCIS case. Jimmy volunteered to be part of the organ transplant process. So his first job was to safely transport an organ (in this case, a liver) from one hospital to another. Jess volunteered for the ride. Another doctor decided to go with them. And suddenly, their car hit a bad patch in the road as strange men started sho—g at them. There’s more. (Read the Outsider recap here.) The doctor d—d. Later in their escape, Jimmy took a bullet to the thigh. And Jess dug it out as Jimmy wanted to have a talk about their relationship. She worried about losing a friend if their relationship went south. So look for NCIS writers to either pull these two apart or give them a great romance in season 20.

Te****t In Dietzen Episode Showed Up Again in Finale

Dietzen, whose character tends to take a secondary role on the show, stepped forward in a big way this spring. In the episode he co-wrote, Jimmy and Kasie unknowingly are poisoned by a domestic terrorist. Jimmy eventually hallucinates and sees Breena, his d***d wife. At the end of the episode, Jimmy decides to get on with his personal life. Turns out, he was poisoned by “the Raven,” who showed up again in the season finale. The Raven set up Alden Parker (Gary Cole) to take the fall for the m****r of his ex-partner with the FBI. That was the big cliffhanger.

And Dietzen, as Jimmy, should get better storylines because he’s paid his NCIS dues. Sean Murray (McGee) is the only permanent cast member with more seniority. Dietzen joined the cast as Dr. Ducky Mallard’s chief assistant. His first episode was the season finale of the inaugural season for NCIS.

So yes, more Jimmy, please.

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