‘NCIS’: Here’s What Fans Want To See From McGee in Season 20

McGee likely will be the temporary special agent in charge when NCIS cranks back up for season 20. So what could fans want to see with the new episodes?

Last we saw the NCIS gang in “Birds of a Feather,” the season finale, Alden Parker (Gary Cole) and Viv, his ex-wife (Teri Polo), drove off in a vintage Mercedes. A domestic terrorist named The Raven set up Parker for the murder of his ex-partner. Viv may or may not be the terrorist. But the agents back at the office promised to have Parker’s back and clear his name.

McGee (Sean Murray) likely will head up the investigation to find the real m****er. But he’ll probably be keeping it all on the down-low since the FBI is convinced that Parker committed the c****e. And being the guy in charge, albeit temporary, is an interesting conundrum for McGee. After all, he could’ve taken over full-time when Gibbs (Mark Harmon) retired from NCIS and stayed in Alaska. But McGee has a wife and kids. And Gibbs, as he left, stressed the importance of family.

NCIS showed how important McGee is as a character as Harmon left. After all, when Gibbs needed to finish off his final case, he took McGee with him to Alaska. And it almost seemed like they were like father and son, especially when the two took a breather and went fly fishing.

So in season 20, could we be seeing more of McGee being a husband and father, right after that whole Raven mystery is put to bed? One of the funniest hours of season 19 specifically involved McGee’s family. Patricia Richardson guest-starred as Judy Price Fielding, McGee’s mother-in-law. And Margo Harshman appeared as McGee’s wife, Delilah. She’s a recurring character and has appeared in 17 episodes.

Judy decided to take a cruise without telling her over-protective daughter. But everybody found out when Judy’s vacation boyfriend, a Naval commander, turned up dead in a sauna. Obviously, that wasn’t the funny part. Judy talking about her love life in front of McGee was the comedy.

McGee was a focal part of the episode called “The Brat Pack.” And that’s because Murray’s real-life daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, portrayed disgruntled teen Teagan Fields. McGee and Teagan, who was a brilliant coder and hacker, instantly bonded on the episode. Teagan’s mother was in the Navy and on special assignment. McGee understood what it was like, given that his father was an admiral and the family often moved when he was growing up. The two helped bust a predator.

The series is on summer hiatus as writers start to come up with entertaining plot lines. At the end of the finale, all eyes were on Parker. Plus, Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) and Jess (Katrina Law) were starting a new relationship. Meanwhile, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) was coming to grips with his abandonment issues. So it’ll be interesting to see what writers cook up for reliable McGee.

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