Did ‘NCIS’ Fans Just Discover a Major ‘D1e Hard’-Style Plot Hole?

NCIS fans are always on the hunt for a good theory, plot hole, or prediction. The show just announced its Season 20 premiere date. Fans couldn’t be more excited for a new season, and a recent Reddit thread shows that fans have been binging older seasons in the meantime.

One Reddit user pointed out a potential plot hole from a popular NCIS Season 5 episode. The episode in question is the season premiere: “Bury Your Dead.” The episode’s original air date was September 25, 2007. Season 5 was notable for the departure of recurring characters like Jeanne Benoit and Colonel Hollis Mann. However, the season’s most notable moment is the d***h of major character Jenny Shepard.

The plot hole discussed by Reddit users circles around Jenny Shepard. In this thread, the initial post by a user discusses how Shepard’s standoff with La Grenouille doesn’t add up. In the episode, La Grenouille secretly took out the bullets from Shepard’s gun. Here’s why the initial poster thinks this NCIS scene doesn’t make sense:

“Director Jenny Shepard should have realized her Glock was unloaded as soon as she went to pick it up as there’s a noticeable weight difference. Surely in real life, someone well-trained like a federal agent would have noticed.”

Another user named “HugeRaspberry” noted the similarities between this scenario and the classic film D13 Hard. He quipped, “Yeah, the old ‘d13 hard’ trick. Hans and Jenny both would have noticed.”

Would Jenny Have Noticed?

While the first two users on the thread were sure they found a D13 Hard-esque plot-hole, other users weren’t so sure.

One user named “TopherBlake” wrote, “I haven’t watched the episode but I am assuming if she is pulling her gun she is under some stress. Given that she is a Director she probably qualifies once a year, maybe goes to the gun range every now and then but is generally way too busy to be drilling all the time, so I am not sure if she would notice.” Then, they added, “Yeah at one time she had to train and was a field agent, but those skills are perishable, so I am not so sure this is a plot hole.”

Another user responded to refute “TopherBlake” by pointing out the weight difference. This user said, “The whole balance is different when a gun is unloaded. You basically cannot not notice it.”

Then, another user chimed in to debate. They commented, “How is that a plot hole? Even if she realized it wasn’t loaded, it wouldn’t have changed anything. At best it’s an irrelevant oversight.”

It seems that NCIS fans are divided on whether she would have noticed, or frankly, whether it would have even mattered. Personally, I think it would have mattered. However, whether she would have noticed is the real question.

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