‘NCIS’ Characters Fans Would Like to See Return in Season 20

With 436 episodes, NCIS sports quite the catalog of characters and byzantine plot twists. And it makes sense that fans of the 19 seasons would love to catch another glimpse of Gibbs, Ziva or DiNozzo.

But if you had the choice of bringing back some not-so-obvious NCIS folks, who would they be? You may love to see their faces one more time. Or you might want to see dangly plot twists all tied up in a pretty bow. ScreenRant.com recently did a thorough top 10 list of characters fans want back. But let’s go deeper on that list, knocking off the likes of Mark Harmon or Michael Weatherly or Cote de Pablo. Let’s go with the caveat that all NCIS fans want to see those folks again.

Let’s look at some other characters:

M. Allison Hart — Rena Sofer played this character in season seven. Hart was a defense attorney who appeared in six NCIS episodes. She was a potential Gibbs love interest. And she also had the cold case file on Pedro Hernandez. That’s the drug dealer who killed Gibbs’ wife and daughter (long before NCIS came on the air). Gibbs popped Hernandez as payback. Hart turned over the file to Leon Vance, then resigned. Her last episode was “Rule 51,” which aired May 25, 2010.

Dr. Rachel Cranston — Wendy Makkena portrayed a psychologist for four episodes in season 11. No one knew that she was the older sister of Kate Todd, who quit the Secret Service in the first-ever NCIS episode to work with Gibbs. Todd (Sasha Alexander) was k****d at the end of season two. Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David replaced her in the NCIS lineup. But getting back to Rachel, she did psych evaluations on the agents. Once she cleared them for duty, Rachel revealed who her sister was.

Eleanor Bishop — Emily Wickersham joined the NCIS cast in season 11. As Ellie Bishop, she basically took the place of Ziva, who’d returned to Israel. But when Ziva supposedly died in 2016, Bishop also was the first to figure out she really was alive. There are other Ziva ties to Bishop. She met Odette, a CIA operative, through Ziva. And unbeknownst to the rest of the agents, Bishop started training with Odette for a deep undercover assignment. She left at the end of season 18 after intentionally ruining her reputation. Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) figured out what was happening. He confronted her, then the two kissed.

It would be fun to have Bishop return just to help Torres with his abandonment issues. Plus, we’re betting she worked an interesting, deep undercover case.

Jack Sloane: Maria Bello joined the NCIS cast in 2017, playing Sloane for 73 episodes. She was a Gibbs love interest, with Sloane working as a therapist and a cr****l profiler. She decided to remain in Af*-*-*-*tan when the two worked a case there about midway through season 18. Given that the United States pulled all its troops from Afghanistan last summer, it would be an interesting storyline to catch up with Sloane and see how she is.

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