NCIS Hidden Secrets Fans TOTALLY Missed..

NCIS Hidden Secrets Fans TOTALLY Missed..

Welcome back to Film Recall, today on the channel we are going to check out The messages you missed while watching NCIS. One of CBS’s most successful series of all time, NCIS will soon begin its 17th season and will be not only one of the longest-running series on prime time, but one of the most successful spin-offs ever. Beginning as an offshoot of JAG, it has differentiated itself with the colorful personalities of its cast and the excitement of its cases. Under Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the eccentric but intrepid agents of the Naval C****l Investigative Services solve c****s pertaining to personnel in the Navy and Marine Corps. Over sixteen seasons and many cast changes, there are bound to be hidden details throughout the series that go unnoticed by even the most avid viewer. From odd plotholes to recycled footage and clues in character backstory, there’s more mysteries in every scene than the team can solve. That just leaves more fun for the viewer, so here are ten details you may have never noticed on NCIS over the years.

The Opening Scene. The beginning shot where the NCIS car is is driving away from the camera wasn’t a scene filmed for NCIS at all, but a scene taken from JAG. The scene is from an episode called “Ice Queen,” and involves a m****r and a boy scout troop, which was later factored into the episode “Navy NCIS: The Beginning”. It Isn’t Filmed In Washington DC. Despite the fact that the NCIS headquarters for the series is based at the Washington Navy Yard location, it’s filmed in Valencia, CA. Though the region in Santa Clarita is picturesque, it doesn’t exactly capture the historical beauty of Washington DC. There are ways the series gets around this, most often by having agents respond to cases in Norfolk and other parts of Virginia. Watch till the end for more messages you missed while watching NCIS.

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