Blue Bloods season 13 theory: Archbishop Kearns return sealed by premiere episode title

BLUE BLOODS will return for its 13th season after the summer, and the newly confirmed title of its upcoming premiere could tease the return of a fan-favourite character.
Archbishop Kevin Kearns (played by Stacy Keach) has played an important role in the CBS police drama, and frequently faces off against New York Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). Blue Bloods is due to begin its 13th season very soon, and the latest update on producer Siobhan Byrne O’Connor’s Instagram account seems to confirm the season could kick-off with another meeting of the minds.
Exec producer Siobhan has confirmed Blue Blood’s upcoming season 13 premiere will be titled Keeping the Faith.

No plot details have been revealed so far, but the episode will likely revolve around Frank and the family’s Catholicism.

The faith-based title of the season premiere could also confirm the return of Archbishop Kearns, a frequent confidante of the veteran cop.

Siobhan captioned her post: “Season 13! Episode one — “Keeping the Faith” is coming up. Stay tuned…”

CBS recently confirmed the series will return on October 7, so fans still have a little longer to wait before they discover what’s next for the Reagans.

Over the course of the series, Archbishop Kearns has remained one of the most prominent leaders of Frank’s Catholic church.

He often goes to the Commissioner for help regarding tricky matters involving New York’s city archdiocese and its members.

Kearns also officiated Frank’s son Jamie’s (Will Estes) marriage to Eddie Jenko (Vanessa Ray) back in season nine.

With more problems stacking on Frank and his children in recent years, the Commissioner could seek a private meeting with Kearns to discuss a crisis of faith.

Although they often disagree on important topics, the pair have remained on good terms over the years, and their relationship could become even stronger over the next season.

Siobhan’s latest post sparked a frenzy amongst fans, as they anticipated one of CBS’s most popular dramas making its long-awaited return after the summer.

@reaganandbaez: “Exciting! Thanks for posting the title of the first episode!”
However, Siobhan’s response may have ruled out an appearance from Archbishop Kearns after all.
She replied: “You’re welcome. It’s a nod to our audience who have done just that for 12 seasons and counting.”

Millions of fans have kept up with Blue Bloods, making it one of CBS’s most popular dramas over the last 12 years.

The season premiere is titled as a tribute to the audience, though Frank’s faith could still play a major role at the start of the new season.
@tasha.diaz.6 asked: “Details?! Details!? Can we hope to see some more Erin & Jack this season?!?!”

And Siobhan confirmed: “Jack will be in this episode.”

Production is currently underway for the series, so hopefully it won’t be too long before more details on the next season of Blue Bloods are revealed.

Blue Bloods season 13 premieres Friday, October 7 on CBS.

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