‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Alum Lucas Black Speaks Out About Hunting Season Amid ‘Craziness of the Food Shortage’

Former NCIS: New Orleans cast member Lucas Black is sharing some thoughts and a little hunting wisdom in his recent Instagram post. Yep, Black is letting us all watch him getting ready for hunting season. As you can tell, he’s hard at work with some arrows that he’s fixing up. It is an interesting process to see him go through this. In the video, Black discusses what he is doing and offers some insights. Take a look at him hard at work.

As you can hear, Black is worried about the food shortage but he’s got plans. Like he’s really focused on getting some deer meat in the freezer. That is one surefire way of easing food concerns. Don’t think for a minute that his fans are not paying attention. They sure are and filled up the comments section with their own thoughts. One writes, “Love it! Fill that freezer up.” Another one says, “I’m trying to fill that freezer but we live in CA and don’t control our electricity. Been stocking up on dry goods and Freeze dried foods. And just bought a canning kit. This is next for me.”
Lucas Black of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Has Stayed Busy With Recent Film Work

So, it looks like the NCIS: New Orleans actor is not alone in the food business. Black appeared in the CBS drama as Special Agent Christopher LaSalle. You also have probably seen him in movies like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Other TV work has included his roles in American Gothic. In the popular Fast and the Furious movies, he plays Sean Boswell and returned to a 2021 flick F9 in the series that stars Vin Diesel.

While this post pops up on the July 4th Weekend, Black recently offered up a Memorial Day observation. He would pay tribute to those who put “live, liberty, and happiness on the line” for their country. Here’s what Black wrote in this Instagram post: “Thank you to all those who put life, liberty, and happiness on the line for the sake of Freedom! Although, they are mortal their deeds are immortal and we will never forget. Thank you. Happy Memorial Day!”

The theme here is patriotism and Black is definitely down for sharing his thoughts on it. Back in May, Black also shared a video where he would hang an American flag. He would write that America is “the best country on Earth!” Black also would encourage those who follow him to not “listen to the naysayers.” Fans know that this actor loves America and does not mind speaking out at all.

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