‘NCIS’: What Does Season 20 Hold for Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee?

Fans who watch NCIS know that Special Agent Timothy McGee, played by Sean Murray, has a lot to do at different times. There have been some important storylines involving McGee.

He’s been a close confidant of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. But Gibbs isn’t around anymore with Alden Parker, played by Gary Cole, taking the lead role on the team. Still, it feels like McGee could use a big-time storyline involving just him.

What would that look like? Hey, it’s up to the writers. Season 20, though, could be definitely helped by boosting McGee’s profile. That could be done with a powerful storyline where he faces an adversary. We’ve seen how this excellent CBS show has done this in the past. It’s not like they could not do it for McGee. Maybe they could do a story where his tech expert prowess comes into play. He’s been around since the first season, so McGee has the history needed for a great storyline.
Give Timothy McGee on ‘NCIS’ Some Enemies That He Has To Personally Face

Last season, we did see Murray’s real-life daughter make an appearance. It was pretty cool to get a chance to see both her and her dad together on the show. Is there another storyline for her in that character? We don’t know what those writers are plotting right now. But good stories always involve a protagonist and antagonist. A solid, long storyline might include some enemy or enemies McGee must deal with himself. There always is a chance for Gibbs to pop up. That might not be something in the offing for Season 20. NCIS has something good, though, with Parker. No need to upset the leadership spot at this time.

McGee delivers time and again to help out his teammates. The time might be right for him to go have a powerful moment and some string of meaningful episodes. Give McGee an adversary, someone who really pushes his buttons. If they do so, then we could see a different side of McGee. Maybe it’s one that he’s buried deep beneath his current personality. There’s got to be someone out there who gets under his skin. Take that person, expand the story over three or four episodes this season, and watch what happens. NCIS already is a great series and it’s had to be for it to stay around all these years. Let’s see what can be done for Murray and his character McGee out there. People will tune in to see what happens week after week. Look for Season 20 to kick off in September on CBS and it’ll be back on Monday nights.

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