‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Hints at the Return of This Character in Season 20

NCIS star Brian Dietzen is dropping some big hints that one character will be returning – at least for a guest-starring role – in the popular TV drama’s 20th season this fall.

And, according to a recent report from Express, fans are here for it all.

Lately, Brian Dietzen has been hinting towards an NCIS return of Victoria, the daughter of Dietzen’s character Jimmy Palmer. And, some fans are hoping that by seeing this character more often, we can get a better glimpse into Palmer’s personal life; which has largely remained behind closed doors during his run on the series.
NCIS’s Jimmy Palmer’s Personal Life May Be Kept Underwraps, But Fans Knew The Medical Examiner Had A Young Daughter

In one very tense 19th season NCIS episode, fans met Jimmy Palmer’s daughter Victoria who is portrayed by actress Elle Graper. During this appearance, NCIS fans were thrilled to get to know this person from Jimmy Palmer’s personal life.

And, clearly, the rest of the NCIS team has affection for the young girl, too. This is obvious when characters in the series such as Wilmer Valderrama’s Nick Torres interact with Palmer’s daughter as if she has known them all her life.
Brian Dietzen Reflects On What Makes His NCIS Character, Jimmy Palmer So Memorable

Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer character has been a core character on the hit CBS procedural drama series NCIS since 2004. Dietzen’s Palmer joined the cast as the assistant to David McCallum’s Dr. “Ducky” Mallard.

He’s a little bit geeky, a lot “off-beat,” but he’s all heart. And, it’s well established within the NCIS team that Palmer truly cares for his colleagues. It’s a given Palmer will always be there to offer an upbeat spin to nearly any situation. And, it is precisely these qualities, notes Brian Dietzen, that makes his NCIS character so beloved – and memorable – among fans of the series.

“What has made Jimmy Palmer a memorable character over this past decade is the fact that he is a guy who is looking for the positive and is always learning,” Brian Dietzen says in a 2017 discussion with Variety. Dietzen adds that Jimmy Palmer may seem “naive” at times. However, this is not how he sees the character.

“He’s just always ready to learn,” Dietzen says of Jimmy Palmer.

“And try to put the positive on something,” the NCIS star continues of his character.

“Even in the darkest hours,” Dietzen adds. “He’s trying to make something better for himself or for his team.”

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