‘NCIS’ Fans Are in a Full-on Debate About the Show’s Best Character

For 19 seasons now, the popular CBS investigative TV drama series, NCIS has been entertaining audiences.

And, when a series runs as long as NCIS, fans get to meet a variety of interesting characters. Some of these popular characters have become staples for the show’s entire run. Others, however, have only joined the team in recent years. Still, other NCIS players were a big part of the series early on. Only to have said goodbye to the team after a few seasons. Now, fans of the popular CBS series are taking a look back at the popular show. Debating which character is the “best” in the series so far.
NCIS Fans Discuss Which Characters Are The ‘Best’ During The Show’s Successful 19-Season Run

In a recent Reddit post, NCIS fans are asked to name which character they believe is the best so far in the long-running CBS series. Of course, when one is discussing characters in a series as popular as NCIS, it’s hard to pinpoint one character for this honor. And, the thread that follows this request shows exactly this.

One character that is mentioned often in the recent thread is one of the newer players, Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer. This character first appears in the first season, but not until the 21st episode. Initially, Palmer was set to be a side player. However, over the years the role has grown quite a bit. And now, he is certainly a fan favorite in the series.

“Palmer!” one NCIS fan relates in the Reddit thread.

“Nobody is more positive or happy!” the commenter continues.

Another often-mentioned character in this thread is the man who trained Palmer for his current position, David McCallum’s Donald “Ducky” Mallard. This character was the original NCIS chief medical examiner.
It’s Hard To Pick An NCIS Favorite – They All Play An Important Role In The Popular Series

One Redditor notes that they would have initially picked Ducky or Mark Harmon’s Gibbs when deciding on the show’s best character. However, the fan notes, they soon realized “just how much” of an impact Weatherly’s Dinozzo left on the series.

“I like DiNozzo being there,” the fan explains. “just his involvement.”

Another fan agrees, noting that the importance of Tony’s role in the series was something they never noticed until he left. He was a great piece of comic relief, bringing a light-hearted element to NCIS, the fan notes.

“I think his light-hearted teasing dynamic with his junior teammates along with his established relationship with Gibbs was an underrated dynamic,” the Redditor notes.

Some other fan-favorite characters discussed in the recent Reddit thread include Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David, Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee, Emily Wickersham’s Bishop, and – of course – Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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