‘NCIS’: Taking a Look at Some of the Best Moments From Season 19

NCIS fans still are suffering through a dearth of no new content for their favorite TV c***e procedural.

So we’re betting some of you all are re-watching all those hours from season 19 to catch all the nuance you might’ve missed the first time around.

We all know that season 19 had a seismic shift in its storytelling. After all, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs bid farewell to the show. Plus, viewers got to know Jess Knight (Katrina Law). Knight joined the NCIS team at the end of season 18, but CBS promoted Law to permanent cast for season 19.

The NCIS social media team queried fans to ask which episodes everyone wants to look at again. Some of the responses were expected, others were a surprise. Let’s take a look at some of the more emotional episodes. And, the photo the account used on Instagram to lead their gallery was from the first episode in which Gary Cole as Alden Parker was in charge. That was “Face the Strange.”

Gibbs’ Departure Was Most Significant of NCIS Season 19

Let’s click through some of the top NCIS moments.

OK, we can’t avoid it. The season opened with a four-episode arc to say goodbye to Gibbs. Fans knew it was coming. There were all sorts of buzz about the major casting move. Harmon didn’t agree to come back for season 19 until late in the spring of 2021. His story line wrapped up a cliffhanger from May, 2021, after Gibbs got suspended for beating up a suspect who k***d dogs. He and Marcy, an investigative journalist, worked a serial k****r case. NCIS agents figured out the serial k****r was a hitman hired by a corporation trying to silence opposition to an Alaskan copper mine.

Gibbs decided to stay in Alaska in the episode called “Great Wide Open.”

Fans Loved to Watch Jimmy-Centric Storylines

One NCIS fan wrote “Love Jimmy stories. Please let’s have more.” And we agree, Dr. Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) had himself a season. Normally, you see Jimmy early in the episode when there’s a d****d body. But Dietzen co-wrote an episode called “The Helpers.” And in it, he set up an eventual season 19 cliffhanger with The Raven. Plus, Jimmy’s d****d wife, Breena, came back as a hallucination. Meanwhile, daughter Victoria made her first appearance on the show since her birth.

There were more key Jimmy storylines. He and Jess, risking their friendship, decided to pursue a romantic relationship. Each took turns saving the other in “All Or Nothing.”

And since we’re talking about NCIS and families, Sean Murray as McGee got to show off his on screen and off. The show did a McGee-centric episode in Docked. It featured guest star Patricia Richardson as McGee’s mother-in-law, Judy. And Delilah, McGee’s wife, also returned for an episode about Judy’s m*****d vacation boyfriend.

Then later in the season, Murray’s daughter, Cay Ryan Murray, portrayed a hacker and daughter of a mother who is away on Navy business. The episode was “The Brat Pack.”

Meanwhile, NCIS also gave fans a Vance-centric (Rocky Carroll) episode featuring his daughter, Kayla. That was “First Steps.”

We can’t leave out Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) in all this. He broke our hearts in “Fight or Flight” as he lashed out at his fellow agents. He was feeling issues of abandonment after Gibbs left. Plus, he lost Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) in the season 18 finale. Let’s hope Torres, mentally, gets all the way back.

NCIS season 20 premiere is Sept. 19.

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