‘NCIS: Los Angeles’: Could Romance Be in the Air for These Two Major Characters in Season 14?

Over the years, the long-running police procedural NCIS has spawned an impressive four spinoffs..

By far the most successful, however, is the very first – NCIS: Los Angeles. The hit TV drama, following the Los Angeles-based Office of Special Projects within the Naval C******l Investigative Service, wrapped up its nail-biting 13th season at the end of May.

For more than a decade, NCIS LA has provided a familiar yet unique addition to the NCIS universe. And like any long-running series, has seen its fair share of characters come and go in that time.

The show, of course, has its fan-favorite mainstays. G. Callen, Sam Hanna, Marty Deeks, and Kensi Blye, for instance, have been around from the very beginning. Two of the series’ newest characters, however, quickly entered the conversation for the most popular in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Those two characters are Devin Roundtree and Fatima Namazi, who were introduced in Seasons 11 and 10, respectively. To make these now-beloved characters even more interesting, they seemed to form an instant bond, both on-screen and off, as their chemistry was undeniable.
‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Teases a Roundtree-Namazi Romance in Season 14

With Season 14 on the way, NCIS: Los Angeles appears to be teasing an even closer relationship between Devin Roundtree and Fatima Namazi. In a recent Instagram post, the series shared a highlight reel of the growth of their friendship, writing, “Fountree forever,” in the caption.

NCIS LA fans already suspected a brewing romance between the two newbies and the video only added fuel to the theory. Especially considering the fact that they included the actors’ real-life feelings about each other in the clip.

“Our dynamic off-set is what helps us when we’re on set,” Devin Roundtree actor Caleb Castille explained. “We’re definitely best friends away from work. That chemistry, it just helps us just settle in every time. Us coming on as rookies and having that in common and that camaraderie.”

“I’m definitely grateful for the relationship we have,” he continued. “I love every scene that I get to work with Medalion. It comes off so natural and it’s just like hanging out at work, you know?”

As one would expect, NCIS: Los Angeles fans immediately took to the comments to demand a romance in the coming episodes.

“Can they date on the show? They would be cute together,” one fan wrote. “I hope one day Fatima and Roundtree will end up like Kensi and Deeks. Have Kensi and Deeks pass their wisdom of relationship goals to the rookies,” another added.

Only time will tell if NCIS: Los Angeles writers make fans’ dreams a reality. However, based on the direction of the characters and NCIS’ showcasing of their relationship, there’s a good chance that Fountree is our Season 14 romance.

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