‘NCIS’ Fans Discuss Theory on How Gibbs Can Return From Alaska

After Gibbs decided to stay in Alaska last fall rather than return to NCIS headquarters, we all assumed he was living an idyllic life outside some quaint fishing village.

But some fans have reimagined a Gibbs plot line that’s run concurrently with what unfolded on season 19. And it’s a way to work him into season 20, which started production this week. It’s all there on the NCIS SubReddit. In an NCIS alternate reality, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs got into politics and will return to Washington D.C. as a Congressman from Alaska.

It’s an actual question: “Will Gibbs return as a member of congress from Alaska?” And here’s the comment with the most up votes: “I’ve seen some pretty far-fetched things in this sub, but this just takes the cake! Gibbs is NOT a politician.”

Another NCIS fan offered thoughts, writing “for Gibbs to do something like that, it would be for a strong reason. Like fighting for the environment.” If you remember, Gibbs and McGee (Sean Murray) helped solve a case to keep a mega-corporation from destroying the environment to mine for copper.

The NCIS fan continued: “As a day oner I can say that this would be a shark jumper. I have extreme doubts that Harmon will ever re-appear on screen as Gibbs. There is just no reason. As I stated before, I think if he does come back, it has to be a good reason. Ducky’s funeral (no the character has not died yet, but David McCallum is 88 years old.) Some old case. I think, too, that Parker’s current mess may have something to do with him not arresting Gibbs. I think the Gibbs’ echo will not die down anytime soon, but at the same time, I cannot see Harmon giving up time with his family, now that he has put Gibb’s mostly to bed.”

Another NCIS watcher also cast doubt on the Gibbs-as-politician theory. “Gibbs would never become a politician. He hates politics. He’s made that clear several times. If he comes back it will most likely be in a Mike Franks capacity. It will be Gibbs coming in to help out McGee with a problem. Then leave again once its taken care of.” Franks was a Gibbs mentor. But he left NCIS because of office politics.
One viewer offered another idea. Gibbs won’t be a politician, but he evolves into a leader, anyway. “I can see him maybe becoming a sheriff if the old ones d***s or something. And he’s asked to take up the job. Only in a small town though, not in a city. Gibbs: “Really? You want me to be Sheriff?” Beyond that, no politics for Gibbs.”

The last time NCIS fans saw Gibbs was in “Great Wide Open.” The series opened season 19 with a four-episode arc that wrapped up the Gibbs storyline and allowed him to say farewell. CBS kept Harmon in the opening intro all season, although Gary Cole as Alden Parker replaced him in the cast. But fans have clamored for any sort of return, so maybe Gibbs shows up in Congress. The cast for season 20 promised big changes, so you never know how creative the writers can be. We already have the episode title: “Mr. Gibbs Goes to Washington.”

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